shalaby: we should let the transportation safety board dig deeper on westboro crash

by:YEROO     2019-09-17
A few hours after the Westboro bus crash last Friday, I called Mayor Jim Watson to invite him to investigate with the Ottawa Police Department.
Today, I am pleased that the police opened the door and accepted the TSB proposal to provide technical assistance for the investigation.
TSB assistance is an important first step and is the maximum assistance that can be done within the Commission\'s current mandate.
Still, Watson has not assured the TSB that it will participate in the survey indefinitely.
Rapid urban transportation is an important infrastructure lifeline for each major city.
The threat to its safety could have a devastating impact on the well.
The existence of citizens, national security and economic development.
However, unlike the modes of air, rail, ocean and pipeline transportation, the federation has not authorized a safety investigation into any road accidents.
The TSB reports directly to Parliament, not to the government of Canada.
A fully independent TSB security investigation will not replace the criminal investigation of the Ottawa police station and will not be held accountable.
But it can be replaced. or oversee)
Other investigations that may be conducted by parties that have actual or perceived conflicts of interest in the crash, such as Ottawa, OC Transpo, Ontario, and Transport Canada.
This will allow the TSB to get to know the truth more quickly by checking books, conducting interviews or reviewing the processes of all other parties.
In the pursuit of truth, TSB can speak out and criticize openly and privately.
That\'s why Kathy Fox of TSB head can make an eye-popping
When asked last week if she would sit on the upper floor of the OC Transpo bus, she left a deep review.
\"What I know now is that I might choose another seat,\" she said.
\"Fox is not influenced by corporate power and politics.
However, TSB cannot exceed its limits and requires its authorization to include road accidents.
must demand it.
The pain and renewal of the Westboro crash
Traumatic memory of the families of the victims of the April 2018 Humboldt wild horse crash.
Given their own terrible experiences, many of them have requested an independent investigation into Westboro.
Depending on the situation over the next few weeks, Canadians may indeed need to find an appropriate legal framework authorizing the TSB to lead a comprehensive security investigation in accordance with the terms of the 2013 Barrhaven investigation.
I call on Catherine McKenna, member of the Ottawa Centre, to find this legal framework.
For example, she could pass a bill in Parliament on January.
28, if necessary, grant the TSB additional but temporary authority to investigate the Westboro crash.
Parliament could also consider the task of investigating major road events more broadly.
How important is a double crash
Decker bus, which installed a curb and rushed into the station shelter in such a violent way that most of its upper floors were destroyed, if there was such a federal authorization last year, so in the process, dozens of bystanders will be in danger, will we learn more about the cause of the Humboldt Mustang crash, or, we may never know about it.
Public transport infrastructure is safe and buses are still very safe compared to other modes of transport.
However, some of the implications of the Westboro crash are disturbing.
There are some questions about whether the bus shelters are in danger, whether the bus structure is worth a collision, or whether the primary bus drivers are adequately trained.
We urgently need some answers, but in order to restore confidence in the transit system and preserve the credibility of civic leaders, they must be based on evidence and facts.
By the way, the House of Commons article on driver training, published in January.
14 and open for signature, calling on Transport Canada to introduce and standardize national training standards for business drivers.
From a larger perspective, we have seen some real changes in road safety.
Thanks to the support of the Humboldt family and the support of the Ottawa citizens, the doors opened this week cannot be closed.
It is very appropriate for the Canadian capital to embrace this change and lead the way.
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