\'she has to rebuild her whole life:\' $19 million lawsuit filed on behalf of woman who lost legs in oc transpo crash

by:YEROO     2019-10-20
A $19-
The million-dollar lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Ottawa mother, who had two children and lost her legs in the January. 11 double-
Decker bus accident that killed three passengers
Toronto filed a lawsuit on May 21.
Personal injury lawyers based in Howie, Saks and Henry Meghan Hull jegin referred to the City of Ottawa, OC Transpo and the bus driver, esatu Diallo, as defendants, her 12-year-old Riley and 5-year-old Adam were the plaintiffs.
The documents submitted by the court required Marcele to compensate $15 million, punitive and aggravated compensation of $2 million, and husband and son of Stevens to compensate $2 million, as well as court costs.
None of these allegations were confirmed in court.
The accident investigation is still under way.
The claim statement stated that Stevens was a passenger when he collided with a bus shelter at Westboro bus station.
Stevens suffered \"serious, permanent and catastrophic\" injuries, includingthe-
The legs and knees were amputated and the head, neck, shoulder and spine were injured.
She suffers from chronic pain, loss of mobility, nightmares, sleep difficulties, fatigue, anxiety, depression and other psychological injuries, the statement said.
Stevens has and will continue to suffer pain and suffering, losing the fun of life and less amenities, the statement said.
\"Marcelle was unable to participate in these recreational, social, employment, sports and family activities before the collision,\" the statement said, adding that she needed further surgery and treatment.
According to the statement of claim, Stevens suffered a loss of income, the ability to earn will be permanently reduced, and her son also suffered a loss of care, and they may have reasonable expectations if the collision did not occur.
Hull jegin said in an interview on Tuesday that it is undeniable that her client \"has to rebuild her life \".
One of the allegations in the statement of claim is that the city \"allows an incompetent and/or inexperienced driver or a driver whose observation, perception, judgment and self-ability
Control of the bus was compromised.
The statement of claim also claimed that, the City \"allows and/or directs Aissatou Diallo to train, skills and experience in running a bus when they know or should know that she is an incompetent driver, the bus should not be tried or instructed to operate.
On last February, the city confirmed that its insurance company was paying the passengers who were most injured in the accident, rather than waiting for the claim to pass the proceedings.
Hull jegin said the city\'s advance payment in advance \"clearly recognizes that the lives of the victims are in chaos \".
\"There is a long and difficult road ahead of many victims, and the city\'s posture is a step in the right direction, providing support for these people and their families, she said.
\"It seems that the city will consider separately the litigation brought about by the victim\'s independent action.
Obviously, there is support.
Stevens acknowledged the city\'s advance payment in a statement provided by Hull jegin.
\"In addition to worrying about how much my own life has changed forever, I am also worried about the huge cost of trying to live a normal life after experiencing such injuries.
I appreciate the fact that the city also recognizes this burden.
I have accepted the offer from the city and hope that the same recognition will be given to other seriously injured people.
\"The lawsuit is one of the lawsuits filed on behalf of the victim of the crash.
$6 in February. 37-
On behalf of Gwen Lambert, a million-dollar lawsuit was filed, and Gwen Lambert was one of the 23 injured in the accident. A $6.
According to the statement of claim, the lawsuit No. 3 million was also filed on behalf of Lynn Ellis, who was injured in her right leg and watched her teammates die.
Less than a week after the accident, a national law firm with an office in Ottawa, the Merchant Law Group, filed a notice of action in the Ottawa court, the court is required to compensate the victims of the crash, as well as the families injured and killed, $60 million.
Hull Jagan says there is a difference between a class
Litigation and personal litigation. In a class-
In the proceedings, there is a typical plaintiff, and if the court approves the settlement, all plaintiffs in the class may apply for a partial settlement.
In personal proceedings, the plaintiff\'s needs are independently assessed.
City of Ottawa faces 39 individual lawsuits seeking damages in excess of $26 million after 2013 OC Transpo
Six bus passengers were killed and dozens injured.
As at January 18, 35 proceedings had been resolved, with a total payment of approximately $9. 7 million.
On Tuesday, Deputy City Attorney David White said in a statement that on Tuesday, the city did not comment on the issue before the court.
Troy chartered, the city\'s director of transportation operations, said the driver involved in the collision was still an employee of the city but did not return to work.
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