Sheds on the part of the important role of urban planning

by:YEROO     2020-03-18
The parking lot of the planning and construction as an important part of modern urban planning, becomes more and more important. Membrane structure is light, chic modelling in the parking lot and bear an important role in the construction of the waiting area, in addition to meet the basic function such as weather, prevent insolation, and have good logo come-on, shows people personalized side. Characteristics of membrane structure sheds: carport materials imported from the structure of building materials. Carport frame, the surface processing of imported Marine primer, splendid alkene acid polyurethane paint. 1. Durable: because of the high strength of membrane material, combined with the application of the tensioning technology, make the membrane structure sheds to resist the ability of the wind and rain is generally rain loose, incomparable. Some sheds the permanent membrane material, can use three or four years. Especially in severe weather the storm, membrane structure architecture stand motionless, without damage. 2. Artistry: in addition to general rain loose incomparable practical, durable, the function of the rain outside, membrane structure canopy is a sculpture, a work of art, give a person visual enjoyment. Its beauty and its curve, the rigid-flexible economic, its rich modelling, the pure white and flawless, let a person shine at the moment, with a long finish. 3. Economical: studies have shown that long-term outdoor parked vehicle, performance loss speed is faster than the shed parked vehicles. And USES the membrane structure canopy can really care for your car, slow down aging velocity of your car. From an economic perspective, than is greatly prolong the life of you all. 4. Transmission of light: good pervious to light performance ( Light transmittance 20%) 。 Exposure in the sun won't produce yellowing, atomization, pervious to light. 5. Weather resistance: the surface of uv co-extrusion layer, can prevent the resin fatigue caused by the sun's ultraviolet turn yellow. Surface co-extrusion layer with chemical absorption of ultraviolet rays and translated into visible light. Effect on plant photosynthesis has good stability, Very suitable for protection of various kinds of car, precious works of art, and exhibits, make it from uv damage) 。 6. Impact resistance: building film before 250 - the impact strength is common glass 300 times, 20 - is an acrylic sheet 30 times, 2 times that of toughened glass, almost no risk of fracture, & other; Don't break the glass & throughout; And & other Ring steel & throughout; Good name. 7. Flame retardant: according to the national GB8624 - 97 test flame retardant B1 level, no fire, no poison. 8. - temperature resistance: the perturbation clan 40. C to + 120. C temperature range does not cause deformation and degradation. 9. Portability: light weight, the absolute guarantee human and physical security. 10. Good sound insulation sex: sound insulation effect. Membrane structure sheds role: with a sun, rain, practical, beautiful. Membrane structure carport scope of application: community, factories, schools, commercial, gymnasium, government agencies, etc. Membrane structure carport optional materials: steel, wire, membrane material, etc. The structure of membrane structure: it is by a variety of high strength thin film materials ( PVC or Teflon) And stiffening member ( Steel and steel column or steel cable) Through certain way makes its internal produce certain tensile stress in advance in order to form a space shape, as a covering structure, and can absorb a certain amount of load is a form of space structure. The service life of the membrane structure and features: carport tarpaulin material is membrane material, membrane structure and the biggest characteristic of membrane material is high strength, good durability, fire flame retardant, good self-cleaning, is not affected by ultraviolet (uv) light, long service life, general 15 For 30 years. High light transmittance, pervious to light at a rate of 13%, 73% of heat reflectivity, little heat absorption. Because of the epoch-making the invention of the membrane material, make membrane structure carport modern permanent structures. Membrane structure sheds the market outlook: with the quickening pace of urban modernization, the cars become indispensable to any of the urban transportation. In our country due to the rapid development of automobile industry, car ownership of the city doubled, but city construction planning failed to adapt to the requirement of the development as soon as possible, is often a car parking place. So in construction planning should fully consider the problem of parking lot, the construction of the parking lot and planning as an important part of modern city construction planning, is becoming more and more important. Also, also play a important role in the construction of membrane structure in the parking lot.
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