shelter inquiry uncovers check paid to bronston

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Former State Senator Jack E.
Brownston, who repeatedly denied any compensation on behalf of convenience and security, received a cheque of $12,500 from the chairman of the company on June 28, 1978, according to officials close to the federal investigation, the city\'s bus shelter franchise. Yesterday, Mr.
Bronston said that solsteinberg was received through a cheque of $12,500 from his lawyer, on June 28, 1978, a loan and \"no compensation \". He added that the loan was repaid on July 19, 1978. Mr.
Law firms in Brownston Rosenman, Colin, Frende, Lewis and Cohen were charged with a conflict of interest after being disclosed
Brownston wrote a letter in October 1977 urging the cancellation of the lucrative bus shelter franchise held by Bustop Shelters Inc. at the time
At the same time, another partner of the company represents the investor of Bustop Shelters. Mr.
Brownston said he wrote the letter \"as a senator\" and not as a lawyer, saying last winter that he had \"not received any compensation\" in terms of convenience and security\"
Five days before the gentleman repaid the money, the information request was filed
Bronston, a lawyer at the Booth shelter. made a freedom-of-
Review of the information request by Harrison J. Auditor General
Golding files at the bus shelter.
This led to the discovery of Senator brownstone\'s letter to Mr. brownstone on July 21, 1978.
Richard Wells, Golding\'s assistant, urged the removal of the Bustop franchise.
Advertisemenry Silverman, president of the convenience and security, said.
Mr. Steinberg lent it.
Brownston is $12,500, \"because he is traveling to Europe, there is a shortage of cash.
\"In Mr.
Mr. Wells received it.
Mr. Brownston\'s letter.
Goldin criticized the performance of Bustop Shelter.
Next year, it is estimated that the board of directors will vote to transfer the franchise!
For convenience and safety
The city has been trying to force buses.
Top gave up ownership of 500 shelters as its initial three-year franchise expired.
Yesterday, bustop\'s lawyers met with company lawyers, and Justice Bentley Kassal of the state Supreme Court said he would start hearing on Friday about the city\'s ban on Bustop\'s transfer of shelters to the city.
Mayor Koch said he would not sign a convenient and secure long-term contract until Stanley N.
The city\'s investigative commissioner, Lupkin, has completed the investigation into the transfer of the contract.
The FBI and Southern district lawyers are also investigating the convenience and safety of the franchise.
Prior to obtaining a long-term contract, the city temporarily auctioned the rights to existing shelters last month.
For convenience and safety, $126,000 per month is provided for the operation of shelters.
Bustop shelter
In the first three months of this year, it paid $125,000 to operate shelters it still has.
A version of this file was printed on page B1 of the New York edition on May 9, 1979 under the title: The housing survey revealed a check paid to Brownston.
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