sherbrooke street\'s sustainable future starts with a bus shelter

by:YEROO     2019-11-22
By next year, Montreal will have at least one bus shelter where people don\'t mind waiting.
A research project at Concordia University is turning the bus shelters at Loyola campus into a beacon of sustainable development at Sherbrooke Street.
Environment Minister Catherine McKenna announced 20 municipal green grants, the Montreal Public Transport loan: the congestion is getting worse and fewer buses are on the road. The design of the bus shelter is not yet available but these suggestions have been read on the Co-op site.
The competition is open to students and new professionals.
Their design requires functionality and sustainability.
Bus shelters will serve as the first device in the larger narrative --
Construction project on Sherbrooke Street.
The most crowded bus route in Montreal from Quebec to fast-
Environmental review of the track light rail project, associate professor of design and computational art at Concordia University carmela Cucuzzella said the Loyola bus station is the perfect place to start this larger project.
\"We don\'t have a legacy project, so it\'s a tough sale to have other sites approve the job,\" Cucuzzella told the Montreal CBC over the weekend.
Organizers are willing to invest up to $23,000 to put the winning design into practice.
The redesigned bus protection facility is expected to be completed in early 2017.
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