‘shift bus shelter on j.n. main road to new stopover’

by:YEROO     2019-11-24
At the Metropolitan Transportation Corporation (MTC)
On the main road of Jawaharlal Nehru, the bus shelter near the intersection of Vada Parani parked a motorcycle.
In addition, a vendor selling knick
Gadgets in the facility
MTC commuters wait about 100 metres from the bus shelter to get on the bus.
The bus shelter was prepared for commuters traveling to Ashok Nagar, which was installed last year by the big Chennai company at a cost of Rs 5.
Bus shelters have become redundant since MTC buses began using the Vadapalani flyover in May 2017.
It is worth noting that the Vadapalani flyover was opened to traffic on November 2016, but the MTC bus driver skipped the flyover to park under the sky bridge.
However, following reports from the Hindu city center that the MTC bus does not use the flyover, the MTC bus driver was instructed to take the facility.
Subsequently, the MTC moved the stopover site further onto the road near the overpass ramp, but did not bother to remove and reinstall the bus shelters in the new location.
\"We have no place to live in the recent rain,\" K said . \"
Vassati, a resident of Vada Parani.
Commuters also want to relocate existing stopovers to a less crowded place along the route, as the current location is close to the ramp of the overpass, which hinders the flow of vehicles on the overpass.
According to officials at the big Chennai company and MTC, the owners of the business establishment opposed the relocation of the stopover because stopping the bus before their store would affect their business.
Officials cited this as a reason to delay the installation of shelters at new stopovers.
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