shooting rattles downtown

by:YEROO     2019-10-27
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 28/11/08 (3863 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Roberta Hudson said she and her fouryear-
Not long ago, her daughter was near the bus shelter at Portage Place shopping center near Portage Street. m.
On Friday, when she was startled by a loud noise, it sounded like the window was punched.
Hudson said that immediately after she heard the sound, a tall and thin man ran out of the glass.
The enclosed transportation shelter, across the street from the mall, disappeared south of Edmonton Street.
A moment later, the victim came out of a shelter holding her belly and hobbled in the mall for help.
She said she did not see any blood, but he was obviously injured.
\"It looks like he has a pain in his stomach,\" Hudson said . \".
Other witnesses reported that many gunfire had been heard in succession.
Police have confirmed at least two shootings.
Police say the victim was shot in the leg and abdomen.
There is an abandoned housing on the floor of the bus shelter.
Winnipeg police spokesman constant.
Well, Blair.
It\'s a coincidence that organized crime units arrive at the scene.
There is no indication that the shooting was by gangs. related.
\"Just because it\'s a gang unit on site doesn\'t mean it\'s a gang incident.
\"Shortly after the police arrived, the medical staff took the victim out of the mall on a stretcher.
The man was conscious when he was arranged in an ambulance.
Police said he was taken to hospital in critical condition but was quickly upgraded to a stable condition.
Police have identified the victim but have not given his name.
On Friday afternoon, Good said police were still trying to confirm the identity of the gunman.
Shortly after the victim was driven away by medical staff, some police cars on the scene were illuminated by lights and sirens.
The suspect is believed to have been found nearby and police are in a hurry to try to capture him.
Police said the shooting was \"very disturbing\" and said it was lucky that no one else was injured in the area.
\"The city center is full of thousands of people ,(and)
We are lucky that some innocent passers-by are not hurt . \"james.
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