should chinese-only crest toothpaste ad concern richmond residents?

by:YEROO     2019-09-27
A Richmond woman once again called for a ban on Chinese
In bus shelters in several cities, only signs after Crest toothpaste advertisements appeared.
Kerry Starchuk said that advertising is only isolating people in languages other than English or French, rather than bringing them together, which she sees as a threat to multicultural diversity.
\"If we can work together, be honest with each other and have this inclusive community, including the official language we communicate with each other, that\'s the most important thing,\" she said . \".
\"As Canadians, we can work together.
In an email to the CBC, Procter & Gamble spokeswoman Michel iamaybeesaid said the company values the rich diversity of Canadians.
\"We are constantly trying to connect with all consumers in a relevant way,\" Maybee said . \".
\"While most of our ads still use one or both of Canada\'s official languages, this unique ad is created to attract new audiences from different consumers.
\"Starchuck is frustrated that after more than a decade of first exposure to the issue, the government has not addressed it.
\"It continues.
There seems to be no solution.
I didn\'t realize at first that it was a controversial issue and I never did it before.
But I want our community to include every culture.
\"Last year, when the issue was raised, the City Council voted against the ban on the Chinese --only signs.
At that time, Kuhn.
Derek Dang said that the number of protesters who submitted 1,000 petitions to the town hall was small.
Chinese is very common in Greater Vancouver, and the number of native speakers in languages other than French or English is now close to millions.
In 2012, census data showed that Chinese and Punjabi were the main immigrant languages among the Vancouver Metro families.
According to reports, of the 712,000 people who most often speak immigrant languages at home, nearly speak Punjabi.
However, the total number of people who speak Cantonese, Mandarin or unspecified Chinese accounts for 40 of those who speak the most immigrant languages in the report.
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