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by:YEROO     2019-08-27
Bangalore Metropolitan Transport has been established for six years (BMTC)
A \"Bus Day\" campaign to encourage public use of public transport was launched.
The plan has been adjusted over the years to ensure more participation.
However, it is often a headache that bus shelters in many places are of poor quality or completely absent.
Bengaluru mahanara Pamir (BBMP)
Nine years ago, the company took over the task of building a bus shelter but failed to deliver it.
The grand plan to build 2,200 bus shelters last year has not yet started.
This annoyed BMTC officials because they thought their efforts to organize buses in Japan would be in vain.
As temperatures rise every day, it is understandable that passengers do not want to stand in the sun waiting for the bus.
It is estimated that only 1,000 out of a total of 8,000 bus stops have shelters.
Even in places where there are shelters, the condition of the bus stop is very bad, which makes potential customers discouraged.
\"I have to stand for at least 25 minutes to catch the bus to the office and stand longer at night.
\"There is a bus shelter near my office, but the bench is rusted, the panel is damaged, and the railing has not seen paint for several years,\" Srinivasa N said . \".
A research analyst
BMTC officials hope that BBMP will start to deliver and adopt the design it recommends.
With the trial operation of intelligent transportation solutions (ITS)
Project, passengers will have the possibility to get real
The time update on the bus through the screen will be released in the sanctuary.
\"We use these screens at the bus stop but need basic infrastructure such as protection from components and power supplies.
We have recommended a design that has seats, two planks, half of the space is reserved for route information, and ten percent of the space is reserved for public convenience for passengers and crew, ekroop Caur, general manager of BMTC, said.
However, it remains to be seen whether the design will be adopted by civic institutions.
\"We have asked them to start work for nearly a year.
2,200 bus shelters were divided into four packages and tenders were made.
Two of them have not yet been finalized . \"Caur.
A senior official at BBMP said, \"BBMP has already tender all four packages earlier.
Two of them are in the final stages, but the other two have not received a valid bid and must be recalled.
He added that there was not much interest in advertising in the periphery.
Despite multiple attempts, department officials handling bids were unable to get a response.
Commuters say the provision of modern bus shelters is only half the solution.
Getting the BMTC staff to stop at the bus stop is also a major issue.
Over the past few months, officials have recognized the importance of ensuring that buses are parked at designated locations and have carried out campaigns to raise awareness among drivers.
However, in the absence of any penalties, results are not yet visible on the ground.
On bus day this month, BMW announced a week-long campaign to encourage drivers to maintain lane discipline.
The goal of the road safety movement is drivers on busy routes to help them understand the importance of sticking to the right lane and interacting with passengers in good faith
Long-term needs of daily commuters.
On last November, the \"bus station discipline movement\" was announced.
Officials monitored 15 busy bus stops to check whether the driver was dressed properly, had a polite conversation with the customer, had not competed with or exceeded other vehicles, and traffic violations.
These activities are not carried out by the alert team, but by other groups of different officials.
Therefore, there is no punishment for the rulesbreakers.
\"Usually, the conductor does not return the change.
They are rude.
I have stopped asking them to change and they rarely return it on their own.
The bus never stopped at the bus stop.
I have to run a short distance every day to get on the bus, \"said Papiya Neogi, an advertising professional.
A senior official at BMTC said, \"We are trying all of these activities to keep our customers interested in taking public transport.
Today is the 75 bus day, we are about to enter the 7 years of this plan.
Continuous activities will make the necessary changes in the way our employees operate.
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