silent shocker at shelter: 2 men talking; 1 of them already dead

by:YEROO     2019-10-19
National/Asian News Network)
: A bus passenger in Chiang Mai\'s clear road district was shocked to find that earlier on Thursday, he talked to a deceased man in a bus waiting booth for more than an hour.
The unnamed passenger did not find him sitting next to a dead body until he rested in the morning.
Qingdao police received an alarm at 6: 00.
At about ten o\'clock A. M. , a body was found in the bus waiting room in front of the Ban Mae Na cemetery in Tambon Mae Na.
The unidentified victim appeared to be a 55-60-year-old mountain tribal man with a small black power cord tied to his neck and connected to the roof beam of the sanctuary.
There were no other signs of injury except the cable on his neck.
He did not bring any identity documents.
A doctor confirmed that he had died 10 hours before he was found.
The bus passenger told the police that when the day was still dark, he went to the bus shelter early in the morning.
He said that the man was sitting in the shelter and he spoke to him, but since he did not answer, he thought the man was just sleeping.
However, at dawn, the witness said that he looked closely at the man and was shocked to see the power cord on his neck.
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