sleeping out on the streets of windsor - royal fans join the homeless

by:YEROO     2019-10-06
Windsor, United Kingdom (Reuters)-
Opposite the home of Queen Elizabeth Windsor Castle, Lewis Davis is crammed under the bus shelter, one of the many homeless people in town who sleep at the entrance of the upper class.
Instead, a series of new sleeping bags appeared, a temporary residence for royal super fans, some of whom have gone thousands of miles and spent their days and nights on the streets of Windsor, so that the Queen\'s grandson, Prince Harry, and his fiancee, Megan Markle
\"They have their own home and they are camping.
We live here.
Davis, who is from the nearby town of Slough, told Reuters.
The issue of Windsor sleepers made headlines in January when local council leaders said they would be cleared out of the streets before Saturday\'s wedding, because their \"debris\" shows that the old castle in west London is dominant in light.
Simon Dudley, the leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor and the medenhead Parliament, wrote on Twitter that there was a \"epidemic of rough sleep and wandering\" in the town \", he said he wanted the police to \"focus on the matter before the royal wedding \".
His comments have drawn criticism from local homeless groups and even Prime Minister Theresa May.
\"They shouldn\'t hide the fact that there are homeless people here,\" Davis said . \".
\"They should help us.
Homeless has become a high
Political issues in recent months, official figures show that in the fall of 4,134, there were 2016 visitors in the UK one night, up 134% since less than 1,800 in 2010.
The government has set a goal of halving coarse sleep by 2022 and abolishing it by 2027, and May has promised to spend £ 0. 5 billion on tackling homelessness.
Other visitors to Windsor said they were worried that authorities would remove them from the streets of town before Saturday\'s wedding --
In contrast to the popularity of the royal fans, they snuggle up in the fluttering red, white and blue colors.
The local force Thames Valley Police in charge of wedding security is working closely with Parliament and local services to \"provide support\" for the homeless in Windsor \".
\"A plan has been put in place for those who choose to store their belongings in the Windsor homeless program during the royal wedding, and our officers have been assisting in the delivery of items, however, this is entirely voluntary to ensure the safety of homeless communities, \"police said.
All those who slept hard were offered a place to stay, or a place to store their belongings, the committee said, while this weekend more than 100,000 tourists gathered in Windsor
\"We hope that individuals will accept this offer so that we can help prevent them from losing their property on a very busy day in town,\" the council said in a statement . \".
As part of a tight security measure, the castle\'s super fans were banned from setting up tents, sympathetic to the homeless who live only a stone\'s throw from their campsite.
\"Everyone needs a place to sleep,\" said Donna Werner, an American . \" She traveled 3,000 miles from New Fairfield, Connecticut, camping at the castle for a few days.
\"Everyone is not as lucky as some of us. . .
I feel sorry for them, \"she said.
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