slingshot vandal dodges criminal record for bus shelter \'carnage\'

by:YEROO     2019-09-03
A woman in Edmonton admitted that she had made a prank while breaking glass with slingshot and marbles at several city bus shelters and that she was conditionally released, 18-
Suspended for a few months on Friday.
38-year-old Cynthia Zambrano and 56-year-old Italian photographer Leonardo otella were stopped by police around two in the morning. m. on Feb.
27,2015, the couple were observed cruising past North in a van-
On October, prosecutor Brian Caruk told the court that the roadside bus shelter was before a piece of glass was broken in the shelter.
Investigators pulled over the van belonging to zambrono and seized a slingshot and seven marbles from the side of the road.
On October, when the matter was brought before the court, Zambrano acknowledged his involvement in the destruction of seven bus shelters and filed a testimony charge against Autero, who, according to a pre-trial report
The sentencing report, manipulating her, made her feel \"forced\" to participate in the carnival.
In his own trial, Otello testified that he was completing a photography project in Canada, although he began to establish a romantic relationship with Zambrano, but he has two children and one in Italy who he plans to return to at the end of the court proceedings.
He denied shooting marbles with tears.
The charges against otterro were dismissed because of the lack of evidence, and the Provincial Court Judge Harry briderles carried \"reasonable doubt\", although Bridgestone is likely to be Ott.
Police said 70 bus shelters were damaged at the time of their arrest, with an estimated $30,000 worth of losses.
Although Caruk advocates probation
This will result in the registration of convictions for Zambrano
He did notice that she was vulnerable and was apparently used by Otello at the time of the incident.
\"She is not behind the massacre,\" he said . \"
Steven Fix, Zambrano\'s lawyer, defended the conditional termination of the contract.
Provincial court Judge Janet Dixon said she did not believe it was in the public interest to give a criminal record to Zambrano.
\"There is no doubt that you are exploited and dominated by the gentleman.
\"Ortro,\" said the judge.
Zambrano\'s conditional release depends on her not violating her probation for 18 months.
She will also have to pay $945 in compensation to the city to complete 50 hours of community service and seek mental health advice.
Before hearing her verdict, Zambrano stood up and promised that she would not appear before the judge again.
\"I really regret it,\" she said . \".
Just before the lawsuit ended, Caruk asked Dickson what she wanted to do about the slingshot and marbles seized from the zambrosen minivan after the crime.
\"I don\'t want to return them,\" Dixon said with a slight smile . \".
Fixdid does not object to confiscation.
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