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Smart bus shelter advantage


Modern life is about smart, smart phones, smart homes, and now even the company bus shelters are smart, then YEROO will come to talk to you about the advantages of smart bus shelters.

In daily life, the bus shelters that are everywhere can provide us with great convenience. We can rest in it, or cover the rain and shade. Now the city's bus lines can be said to have changed with the development of the times. It has become more developed, and the bus shelter has become an indispensable product. It is also an important element of life in the city. It serves the public better and many specific details are displayed.

1, the bus shelter is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly

The bus station introduces the concept of “photovoltaic +”, and installs photovoltaic panels on the roof of the bus shelter to solve the problem that the bus shelter cannot be connected to electricity, light up the night road traffic, make up for the night lighting, beautification and lack of security, and further enhance the urban civilization. Image and city taste.

2, the bus shelter is more beautiful and functional

Different styles of platforms are integrated with the surrounding road environment to match the modern urban style.

In addition to considering the beauty, the intelligent bus shelter design is more precise and efficient in terms of functional and practical fit to the actual use requirements of the stations along the city roads. It is equipped with corresponding functional facilities to give full play to the transfer and guidance of bus shelters. The land shows the concept of “people-oriented” public transportation.

YEROO-Smart bus shelter advantage

3, the bus shelter is more intelligent and informative

There are many bright spots on the intelligent bus station platform. Combined with the public transportation inquiry information system, a new electronic station sign is introduced, which adopts the indication mode similar to the subway mode, so that the ordinary people can more clearly and quickly query the vehicle arrival information.

4, the bus shelter is more attention to functional modularity

The bus station uses "Internet +" to introduce video surveillance, WiFi hotspot, USB interface charging and other functions. Through technological innovation, it introduces multi-functional, modular design and expands its use functions to meet the diverse needs of citizens when waiting for vehicles.

The above is the advantage of the smart bus shelter summarized in Xiaobian, I hope to bring help to everyone.

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