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Smart bus shelters solve traffic congestion problems


The number of motor vehicles on the road is increasing, and traffic congestion has become the norm in some areas and time. Making public transport a preferred way of mass travel is an effective way to alleviate road congestion. However, many young people rarely use buses as a means of travel. The majority of the people on the bus are mainly middle-aged and old. It can be seen that there is still a need to improve the experience of bus rides. Smart bus shelter manufacturers believe that there are three main reasons for young people to give up on buses: First, some routes have long waiting intervals, and people who are in a hurry can't ride; Second, the bus crossing time is irregular, and it is impossible to predict the arrival situation and affect passengers. The itinerary; third, the bus route is complicated, and often encounters traffic jams. The development of urban public transport is a systematic project involving many aspects of public transport operation system, planning and construction, and management policies. The smart bus shelter manufacturers only make the following suggestions from the perspective of the convenience of the bus:

YEROO-Smart bus shelters solve traffic congestion problems

1, upgrade the original bus shelter on the road section into an smart bus shelter and accelerate the construction of smart bus. China's smart manufacturing has begun to show a multi-line development trend, the project coverage is wide, and the bus shelters of developed cities have a variety of intelligent functions. At present, the intelligent bus shelter has completely enabled the masses to know the distance of the station bus and the estimated arrival time (waiting time).

2, combine the Internet to assist in the development of intelligent public transportation. The rapid development of the Internet has made people gradually unable to do without the mobile phone. The smart waiting booth has realized the networking function and can interact with the mobile phone network. Mobile phones have also spawned a variety of practical bus rides to help citizens get smart. All localities need to build a complete traffic information service platform, relying on mobile phones and other communication equipment to enable citizens to quickly and accurately query road conditions and public transport information, and to rationally plan routes, establish a rapid response mechanism for public transport, and meet specific periods such as going to school, commuting, etc. The demand for mass travel in specific areas makes bus operations more efficient.

3, the use of big data technology to analyze urban traffic data. Big data technology can provide faster and more accurate analysis and forecast of urban traffic conditions than before, comprehensively understand the key factors affecting traffic, analyze the causes of urban traffic congestion, and conduct macro-control based on the analysis results.

In the future, urban traffic development will be more intelligent, smart bus shelters will become more and more popular, and functions will become more and more complete, becoming an indispensable and important role in life.

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