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Smart bus station, those functions you never expected!


Browsing news on the big screen, inquiring about life services, express cabinets, charging mobile phones, sharing umbrellas... You must not have imagined that such a multi-functional "artifact" is actually a "bus station". Yes, yes, it is a smart bus station produced by YEROO.

Smart bus station is no longer just a traditional bus station. In order to make passengers no longer bored while waiting for the bus, YEROO produced a "humanized" intelligent bus shelter that allows passengers to view the real-time bus operation status and stations and routes through an electronic screen. , Transfer information, query ticket information of surrounding scenic spots, weather forecast, life services, map navigation information. In addition, the installed LED lights significantly increase the brightness of the station pavilion, and the photovoltaic panels installed on the top of the station pavilion can provide green energy for the bus station pavilion. The bus station will also use third-party platforms to provide services such as mobile phone charging and express cabinets.


Not only is the function powerful, but from the appearance, the design of the smart bus station has a sense of science and technology and a sense of the future. The reason why such an excellent smart bus station can be produced is that YEROO has a professional design innovation team in terms of design. Improve the product design on the basis to ensure that the product can appear on the city road in the form closest to the customer's idea.

"Understand what you need and do what you want" makes passengers like public transportation. YEROO uses sophisticated technology to add a beautiful landscape to the city.

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