solar-powered bus shelter introduced in japan

by:YEROO     2019-09-07
Thanks to the cooperation between Sekisui Jushi and Kyocera, rental stations and bus stations in Japan can now be illuminated by the sun.
These companies have introduced ecosystems.
It combines Sekisui Jushi\'s traditional multi-purpose masking device with Kyocera\'s solar power generation system and energy-efficient LED lighting.
It will not only keep people dry (
Plenty of light), but the Eco-
The Shell comes with a socket that can be used as an emergency power supply in an emergency.
In addition to reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions
Urgent use we mentioned
According to the companies, there are other benefits to the shelter: it can be used to meet the electrical needs around, such as lighting up the advertising display.
They also said excess energy could be sold to power companies to help Japan cope better after
There is a shortage of electricity in Fukushima, especially during the hot summer months.
The product was launched this month and listed nationwide in Japan, but only in Japan.
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