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by:YEROO     2019-09-19
When is your next bus?
Metropolitan Transport, Bangalore (BMTC)
It may be possible to find the answer in the bus waiting booth near you soon.
BMTC is set to implement long-in-the-
Passenger Information System (PIS)
Choose bus shelters in the city.
As a pilot project, PIS will be put into use at 80 bus stops at Bengaluru International Airport (BIA)
Covering nine BMTC routes to the airport.
In subsequent phases, BMTC plans to extend the system to all of its urban services.
BMTC has issued tender for PIS and project implementation has been assigned to KELTRON India Limited.
With the implementation of the PIS, it shows the real
BMTC focuses on the time information of the arrival/departure schedule of the shelter bus, aiming to improve the passenger experience and ensure citizens\' recognition of public transport.
GPS supports PIS (GPS).
\"We will start working on this system soon.
Dastagir Sharief, chief transportation manager at BMTC, said: \"discussions are being held with BBMP on how to repair the display units of bus shelters and the power supply required for these units, telling The Times of India
Instead of spending money on the project, BMTC circumvented the project by providing advertising rights to technical partners on the LCD panel.
The pilot project will help BMTC solve the problem before starting to implement PIS in urban services.
According to the store and shopping controller bmabasappa, the LCD panel showing the information will be purchased by the end of July.
The installation of the GPS device is expected to begin in August.
It is expected that the LCD screen will be installed in the bus waiting booth by December.
BMTC plans to expand the coverage of the system to the bus by flashing information about the BIA flight schedule.
The company is in talks with BIAL about providing a timeline.
A few years ago, the PIS program had already started, and the system was scheduled to be implemented on Volvo\'s five routes.
However, the plan never took off.
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