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by:YEROO     2019-08-22
A company in southern Australia has been accused of being irresponsible to young women for selling bubbles with \"free\" gadgets.
Bling sparkling wine has 46 retailers on SA and other interstate roads and is distributed by Norwood-based winemaker outlet.
It has a color label and a gift with a purchase
Antique Jewelry necklace hanging on the bottleneck.
A slogan on the promotion website blingwine. com.
Au wrote: Party with sparkling wine
Enjoy a free Jewelry necklace.
750 ml bottles for sale at a low price of less than $20
Alcohol moskado and pink moskado
Made of Adelaide mountain Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
And 11 shiny Shiraz.
5 points and 12 points.
5 cents for alcohol.
There is no
The sparkling Mas cartel\'s choice of alcohol for $13 caters to \"very young or old people, and all those who are in-
Who choose to drink pure health \".
Professor Mike Daube, an expert in public health
The president of the National Alcohol Action Coalition said it was very worrying that Bling was clearly aimed at young women.
\"It is promoting wine as a fashion accessory, which is irresponsible and unnecessary,\" he said . \".
\"If they\'re just promoting a non-
I would be happy to provide alcohol products. . .
Some people don\'t have excuses.
Alcohol-containing water cannot be drunk.
\"Professor Daube, director of the McCusker Alcohol and Youth Action Center at Curtin University in Western Australia, said that since Bling was launched earlier this year, the Alcohol Advertising Review Committee has received complaints.
\"This is worrying because there is a culture of drinking and drinking among very young people. . .
\"Wine producers are keen to enter the younger market,\" he said . \"
Maddy Papilion, an 18-year-old hospitality worker, said Bling\'s presentation was \"sure to stand out\" in the bottle shop \".
\"It looks affordable but the necklace won\'t make me want to buy it,\" she said . \".
Her 19-year-old friends Tony Oates and Abby Loff
Smith, 18, said that although they knew it was a marketing strategy, they would buy the brand before tasting the necklace.
All three young women say they prefer the brand.
Taste the sparkling shiraz from moskado to higher alcohol content.
A Bling representative declined to comment. ----------
Three small words and a pair of swimmers, along with the national alcohol advertising watchdog, sent John Harvey, a winemaker at Torrance Park, to hot water.
Two advertisements for his boutique winery bath wine were pre-determined as dangerous by alcohol ads
Audit Service-
Outdoor alcohol advertising regulator-
Because they can encourage consumers to drink and swim.
The poster will be posted at the bus shelters outside several bars in Adelaide, in addition to a photo of a swimsuit and wine bottle, along with the words \"take a shower with us, the company\'s diving women logo is shown in the photo.
However, both had to be canceled after AAPS determined that they had violated the alcohol drink advertising code, this requires alcohol advertising to \"not describe any direct association between the consumption of alcoholic beverages and the participation of any sport, including swimming.
\"This ruling has cost Mr. Harvey more than $4000 in redesign and law.
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