speak up delhi: defunct bus stops expose public transport’s dismal condition

by:YEROO     2019-08-29
The bench is in a bad shape and does not show the route and sometimes even the bus does not stop at Delhi transport (DTC)
Bus stop in Grand Kailash
1 is now only used by advertisers or by people who are trying to take a quick nap during the day.
Some of these abandoned bus shelters have not been upgraded for years, or buses are no longer parked there.
Most bus stops are not available.
After the 2010 Commonwealth Games, many bus routes have changed.
Now, when the bus stops at make-
A few meters away from them.
One of them, located opposite the Archana cinema, once had a modern infrastructure, and many routes were still shown on the board, but there was no DTC bus service for those routes departing from the station.
For people living in a nearby colony, there is no public transport system except self-drivingrickshaws.
Bus stops have been closed or not closed in areas outside of Delhi, such as Khanpur, Alipur, Narela and Bawana, and other areas with a large population dependent on bus servicesexistent.
According to the survey of transportation and transportation experts, according to the density of the population in the area, a bus station is required every 500 m.
In addition, experts believe that at present, even the fully functional bus shelters are not designed for the disabled.
There is then a bus stop, but there is no display of the bus route.
The survey also recommends that information about bus routes and approximate arrival times be displayed digitally with intervals.
None of this has brought to the people so far.
The AAP government has promised people a powerful modern transportation system after taking office, but has not yet fulfilled its promise.
While at the moment, when the number of buses is small and the government is buying new buses, experts say it must also focus on making it easier for bus stops to be accessible and disabled --friendly.
The bus stop in downtown Noida is very shabby.
People cannot stand there for a long time due to the smell.
The government should take measures to make it more convenient for the public. —
In 2016, the Noida government collected Rs 3,902 as Swachh Bharat Cess.
Nevertheless, our bus stop is still untidy and there are many infectious diseases.
Many bus stops don\'t even have seats and lights.
On paper, the private partnership program aims to improve the infrastructure of bus shelters.
But there is nothing on the ground. —
It is now in the rainy season in Delhi, and people also use bus stops as shelters to protect themselves.
During peak hours, the authorities should make sure that there are enough buses passing through the crowded stands to accommodate all the people.
The government must strive to provide more comfortable stands for commuters. —
The OkhlaBus station is in poor condition.
They don\'t have the right lights.
The bus station should have proper power supply.
Also, the roof is in very bad condition.
It is difficult to stand at the bus stop when it rains.
The government should provide a plastic covering in front of the bus stop to resist the rain.
But you can\'t find such a plastic cover at any bus stop.
, MehrauliI only takes the bus when I don\'t have all the options, because in my area the bracket has broken the post and is close to the dump area.
I can\'t wait a long time at the bus stop because the bus stop is always dirty. —
The janakpuri bus stop in my area is very close to the sewage area, which makes it very inconvenient.
In addition, the booth is in poor condition.
I hope the government will take steps to reach out to the last leg. —
Dwarka \"recent research on the optimal spacing of bus stops has not started work, with a bus stop every 500 metres.
For a city like Delhi that has a large immigrant population and commute from marginal and satellite towns, the infrastructure of bus shelters is crucial. World-
Including Singapore and other places, the route of the bus station and the latest arrival time are shown in numbers.
The bus stop is aligned with the curve of the sidewalk to make them disabledfriendly.
All this needs to work in the capital, which is growing every day.
In addition, passengers are subject to disciplinary action in order to help establish the system. ”—
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