\'speedo\' arrives at summit library

by:YEROO     2019-08-21
In collaboration with Summit Public Art, the free public library at Summit welcomes sculptor Jay Lagemann\'s \"speedo\" to the library lawn. (courtesy photo)
Summit Free Public Library, in collaboration with Summit Public Art, welcomes sculptor Jay Lagemann\'s \"Speedo\" to the library lawn.
Whimsical bronze sculpture --
This shows a cyclist flying from his bike\'s handle to balance on the beach rock
It is one of many contemporary works of the summit public art project.
Before it was located on the mountaintop promenade.
Lagemann, who lives in Martha\'s Vineyard, has been making sculptures since he visited the vineyard in 1950 and has been recognized for his animated, playful characters he created with metal.
His works from the iconic Seventeen
High-foot swordfish Harpooner is located on the sand dunes of menema to raise children/swing Jenny, a full-size painted steel sculpture that shows a man with his hands in the vineyard paradise
\"I made sculptures that people want to be together, works that they want to live and enjoy over time.
\"From 1976, Lagman has been living in Martha\'s Vineyard with his wife Marianne Neil, surrounded by his ever-changing wild island sculpture garden, covering nine acres.
He studied at Princeton University, focused on mathematics and art, and received a doctorate in mathematical logic from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
For more information about the artist, please visit www. jaylagemann. com.
Summit Public art is a private art.
Bring art to Summit public spaces to create a richer, more diverse and vibrant community.
Since 2003, more than 50 different sculptures from local, national and international contemporary artists have rotated around the green of the entire village and other locations in the summit city.
Permanent art installations include flat glass windows of three bus shelters and \"sparkling trees\" sculptures at the entrance to the top of the mountain, welcoming residents and tourists.
For more information on Summit Public Art, visit the summit Free Public Library at 75 summit Maple Street, New Jersey.
The phone is 908-273-0350.
Visit the website and directory on www. summitlibrary. org.
The free public library of the summit submitted the project.
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