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Stainless steel bus shelters have a longer service life


In recent years, many urban roads have been reconstructed and newly built, and bus shelters have been constantly upgraded and changed with the development of the city. Stainless steel shelter is a relatively common shelter, and its corrosion resistance and installation convenience are far superior to other traditional materials.

The main reason why stainless steel shelters are so popular is that stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and is not prone to pitting, rust or wear. Stainless steel bus shelters have strong corrosion resistance and can be widely used in coastal areas with high salinity. Because of the strong corrosion resistance of stainless steel bus shelters, it has a longer service life. However, the traditional galvanized sheet bus shelters, etc., due to material limitations, even if the surface is sprayed with fluorocarbon paint to prevent corrosion, it will inevitably be rusted after long-term use.

The surface of stainless steel is bright and very smooth, which adds a bit of luster to the stainless steel shelter invisibly. The stainless steel bus shelter is not only a simple infrastructure of the city, but also a scenic line in the city.


The maintenance of stainless steel shelters is also very simple and convenient, whether it is dust, oil stains or small advertisements, it is easy to clean up. Because the surface of the stainless steel shelter is smooth, it is easy and convenient to clean, so in some places where people are sparsely populated and the shelter is not well maintained, you can choose to purchase stainless steel shelters.

Generally, bus shelters made of ordinary materials are constructed due to large differences in local climate. Some corrosion and paint peeling will occur soon after use. This will affect the appearance of the city on the one hand, and also affect the use of passengers on the other. . The stainless steel shelter has its unique characteristics of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and the stainless steel shelter is more durable.

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