Stainless steel shelter in guangdong

by:YEROO     2020-03-22
Shelters regular size: the high of 2. 6 - 2. 8 meters, ceiling wide about 1. 6 - 2 meters long, about 5 - 8 m. Single light box 1800 mm * 3600 mm; Advertising picture 1500 mm * 3500 mm; Ceiling 1500 mm * 4500 mm; At 2700 - mm - - - - - - 2800mm。 YiLong traffic is a professional stainless steel bus shelters making factory in guangdong, the production of various types of shelters, firm and good look structure and corrosion resistance to acid and alkali resistance embroidered ability strong, exquisite workmanship, is the guangdong quality shelters suppliers. Guangdong stainless steel shelter to nearby choose YiLong traffic, of course, the cost is low quality. Shelters make relevant process: 1, column made of 304 stainless steel plate, or a diameter of 114 mm, 141 mm and 133 mm stainless steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, also have a plenty of rectangular tube pillar, common have 100 mm * 100 mm, 120 mm * 120 mm, 100 mm * 150 mm. Circular tube column with single pipe, also has a double tube joint. Clear more easily made of stainless steel material shelters, and are made of galvanized steel pipe production shelters colour is beautiful, diverse. 2, ceiling generally adopts 304 stainless steel or galvanized sheet production ( The thickness of 1. 2 mm or 1. 5毫米) , useful also aluminum-plastic plate, sun board, endurance plate ( The thickness of 4. 2 - 4. 5毫米) 。 Stainless steel or galvanized sheet is one of the main shelter materials and other main material PC endurance board, tempered glass, tempered laminated glass, etc. Light box available on both sides of toughened glass and PC endurance plate, PC endurance plate long easy yellowed, influence the advertising effect, toughened glass is liable to be damaged; Aluminous model board, use below the ceiling, galvanized sheet generally used in the ceiling and light box above the main frame, tempered laminated glass commonly used in the ceiling above, beautiful and safe. Some shelters of personalized design, usually the ceiling and the column as a whole to design. Artifacts produced by the factory design, the use of galvanized steel, the carbon coating.
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