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Standards for outdoor billboards


The use time of single-post billboards should generally not exceed 15 years. The management section of the Expressway Bureau. According to Article 7 of the Highway Regulations of Chapter II of the Highways, the following acts are prohibited within the following areas of the expressway: 30 meters outside the fence of the expressway, 50 meters outside the fence of the interchange Various engineering facilities are built within 50 meters on both sides of the viaduct; the billboards are based on the regulations: Article 31. For constructive engineering facilities on both sides of the highway, the distance between the edge of the building and the outer edge of the highway side ditch is; many national highway At twenty meters. The provincial road is not less than 15 meters, the county road is not less than 10 meters, and the rural road is not less than 5 meters. Billboards can be built by keeping the above distance. But these are not static.


The feed material must be in conformity with the weight and thickness required by the design drawings. The important components of the steel structure on the top of the single column also include the card walkway, the card edge sealing, and the column roof. A good single-column structure should have the following requirements: Grade 8 wind resistance grade, Grade 5 earthquake resistance grade, which is convenient for maintenance and convenient for hanging pictures. The foundation part is not inclined, leaking or cracking. The function of the column tube is to support the steel structure at the top of the single column, and the role of the cross-arm tube is to connect 8 H-shaped shelves. At the same time, the advantages and disadvantages of the cross-arm pipe are also an important guarantee for the wind resistance of the single column. The board walkway is also called a step. It and the frame are an important part of the maintenance of the single-post card in the future. The step is also a foothold for the workers when hanging the painting surface. Card edge sealing is to protect the painting surface. Products and accessories: Products and accessories are important factors that affect the superiority and overall function of the steel structure, so products and accessories must be standardized and standardized. It is the need for economic and social development. Only by design.

Tailor-made single-post billboards: the total height is 10 meters to the total height of 30 meters; the card face can be 5 meters long to 24 meters long; the card face can be 3 meters wide to 8 meters wide. Although the cost of a single column is relatively low, the knowledge involved in the design is extensive, especially the calculation of basic anti-overturn design is very complicated, combined with the geological conditions. Single column card production is generally made of steel frame structure made of steel pipe, channel steel, angle iron, etc. The structure of the card bracket is to install the card surface on a column. The number of the card surface is usually two sides, and a few are four sides. The card surface is sealed with color steel plates or galvanized plates. The combination of the card surface and the picture can achieve the effect of publicity. Under the bracket is generally made of different types of screw steel as the foundation. We can survey the construction site for you free of charge according to the landform, landform and surroundings, and customize the card height and size for you.


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