steal these pants? ad pulled so new yorkers won\'t try

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Calvin Klein
It\'s Levi Strauss.
In a new advertising campaign to promote Docker brand pants, Levi Strauss placed kha cloth under a plastic shield at 40 bus shelters in Manhattan, typically for $55.
A New Yorker may expect a greedy vandal to interpret the appearance of the pants as an invitation to pry open or break the shield and take off the pants.
Levi Strauss also looked forward to this explanation and designed the ads so that if the pants were stolen, their contours would be kept and a message was revealed: \"Obviously they are
\"Just as Calvin Klein agreed to withdraw the advertisement for jeans condemned as child porn on both sides of the city bus, yesterday, gannett Outdoor advertising agreed to remove the \"beautiful pants\" ad from the bus shelters after city fathers slammed the recent attacks on civic virtues.
Mayor Rudolph W.
Giuliani was not funny at all.
\"It was a terrible mistake,\" he said . \"
\"It\'s wrong to teach people.
Government authorities that provide such advertising should exercise their discretion in essentially allowing public property to be used in this manner.
Shortly thereafter, Commissioner Elliot G advertised
Sander of the Department of Transport, which manages the bus shelter, announced an agreement with Gannett, who sells advertising space, to remove the dock worker\'s ads.
Commissioner\'s spokesman Oscar Serra said the attractive samples will be legally removed by the end of today\'s working day. So far, Mr.
The department only knows where the pants were stolen, said Sander.
Brad Williams, senior marketing specialist at Levi Strauss, San Francisco
US-based apparel manufacturers have denied that the company intends to encourage theft by placing kha cloth in 40 shelters in Manhattan and 30 shelters in San Francisco from late last week to the end of the month.
\"We will never encourage people to steal things . \"Williams said.
Advertising pants. Period.
Theft is not advocated in advertising.
We\'re not doing business that promotes theft.
We are doing pants promotion.
He added: \"the advertisement did not say: \'Steal these pants.
The advertisement said: \"The pants are good. \' \"Mr.
Williams said the possibility of theft had been discussed when planning the event.
\"When we discuss this possibility, we agree that it is not necessarily a terrible thing, but it is certainly not a goal,\" he said . \".
\"When the pants that make advertising novels are gone, how hard is advertising for you?
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Williams added: \"I can\'t say that we want them to be stolen, but I think people agree with some word of mouth and it\'s not entirely negative that a theft or two can cause some extra buzz.
But he thinks any suggestion that the campaign\'s goal is to steal pants is \"stupid \".
He said the campaign aims to bring in dock workersfront --pleatless --khakis. Mr.
Williams said that in most parts of the country, pleated kha-free pants will be promoted through television commercials with the label \"beautiful pants.
Advertising will-
Thieves plan to hide themselves on the bus
It is recommended to stop the Docker like a model. Mr.
Williams said 32 and 34 are the standard for such displays.
The Docker campaign is just the latest performance of controversial trends in fashion advertising.
Benaitong, who sells clothing in 93 countries, triggered a violent reaction, featuring young people who have died of AIDS from the murdered mafia victims in a pool of blood to their father\'s arms.
Last month, Calvin Klein withdrew his teenage jeans campaign under intense criticism.
In the posture, the model of age drawn to condemnation of tasteless and suggestive.
In an advertisement announcing his exit, the designer said he was \"surprised\" by the negative reaction of the campaign aimed at conveying \"positive messages\" about the \"spirit \", the independence and intrinsic value of young people today. \"Mr.
Williams said the response to the San Francisco Docker movement was \"very small \".
Only one reporter called, he said, and Herb Kane, a San Francisco Chronicle columnist, called the event a clever stunt. Mr.
Williams concluded: \"you New Yorkers are tough.
\"Steal pants from the bus stop?
Some New Yorkers stole the whole bus.
A version of this article appears on page A00001, national edition, September 27, 1995, with the title: steal these pants?
So New Yorkers don\'t try.
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