steeles west subway station gets hip, downtown facade

by:YEROO     2019-08-22
Organic, whimsical, Monster or flying saucer
A statement was issued on the design of the new Steeles West subway station.
The meaning of this sentence may depend on who is watching or listening.
The entrance will be located in the north of York University campus, on the dividing line between Toronto and York.
It was designed by Will Alsop, the British \"stencect\", and most notably the futuristic Ontario School of Art in Toronto.
According to TTC data, the station is located in the Spadina metro extension area and will be open on 2015. it is expected that by 2031, 3,810 commuters will be used during peak morning rush hours.
The unique facade will be made of Corten steel, the copper part of which is resistant to the rusty bronzes.
\"It has developed this rich oxidized surface,\" said Celia Johnston, chief designer of the Spadina group Associates, which includes Alsop and Stevens Group Architects in Toronto.
Steel protruding from the facade is called a shadowcasters.
\"It adds the dimensions of the facade, not flat,\" she explained . \".
Johnstone describes the design with the word \"tough\", which means overall and implies persistence.
This is from the \"kind of smooth high-
\"We are all used to technology design,\" she said . \".
The landscape will be white and gray concrete with low maintenance costs and rust
Johnstone says colorful plants integrated with sculpture buildings.
The station consists of 12 bus areas in TTC and five York area bus areas, as well as two cool roofs and a green roof.
There will be a commuter parking lot in the nearby hydro corridor with 1,850 parking spaces.
Thumbs up: \"What\'s different is that it shows that infrastructure doesn\'t need to be mundane,\" said David Lieberman of the School of Architecture, Landscape and Design at T.
\"Its prosperity, its color is a huge leap forward,\" he said . \" The bus shelters could be \"spectacular\", he added \".
\"The quality of the sculpture of keteng steel\" may be quite good, \"he said \".
\"It\'s interesting and artistic,\" said 22-year-old TTC rider Valerie Huang . \".
\"This is a good reference point to know people.
\"Huang said that she takes the subway every day from the residential area to the city center.
\"It\'s more beautiful than most subway stations,\" it looks more popular than other suburban stations like Kipling or Islington.
I think it would be nice to have something different from most people, \"said Andrew Evans, 23.
Thumbs up: \"Super graphics that I\'m not quite sure about.
This is something Alsop uses very effectively in many projects, \"David Lieberman of T said of the bold sign above the entrance.
But, \"I think it\'s kind of cartoon and disposable.
\"It seems unnecessary for a subway station.
I will do something more simple.
Why so high?
Why is there a big logo on top? ” said, 22-year-
Old Christine Burns studied advertising at the Ontario School of Art and Design. Ali Akbar, 37year-
From the old man who rides TTC every day, the high entrance seems outdated.
\"Like a castle.
27-year-old city planner Amy Powellyear-
Old Trenton, not sold either.
\"I\'m not familiar with the area, but it seemsah —
She made a very bold statement about an environment that looks very natural, \"she said, looking at the rendering.
\"I\'m not a huge fan to be honest.
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