sydney storm highlights homelessness but what’s the best way to help?

by:YEROO     2019-09-04
Extreme weather raging across the new state has left thousands without electricity and at least five dead, making it worse for homeless people to sleep on the streets.
Australian delegation CEO Catherine yomans said the organization\'s MissionBeat driver worked all night to pick up passengers at an emergency shelter at Miller Point in Sydney harbor.
\"The Storms of the past few days really highlight the fact that people don\'t choose to live on the street,\" Yeomans MS . \".
\"When we see it on a stormy night, our heartstrings will pull up.
But we just remind us that 365 people are homeless every year in Australia for 1000 million days.
\"According to the Bureau of Statistics, the number of homeless people has increased from 90,000 in 2006 to more than 100,000 now on any one night.
In this figure, about six percentage points sleep on the street.
One question many people will ask themselves is whether it really helps to give money to people begging on the streets.
Yeomans MS said that the public needs to \"follow their hearts\" if someone asks them for money, but also realize that it\'s just helping them in the short term.
\"Sometimes we don\'t know how to help. we can understand it.
Will they give the money to the people they see on the street? If you\'re a little worried about donating to that person, what happens with all the blankets and jumpers they donate, she says: \"on the street-maybe you\'re not quite sure how the money will work-you might want to buy some food or a cup of coffee. \" Said.
\"Do something tangible for that person, not just give money.
\"Or, Yeomans MS said people can donate money to a charity that works with homeless people.
\"Suppliers work for their lives, and we know from years of support that they get far more benefits by doing so than they earn from each sale,\" she said . \"
\"Connecting with the community and positive things is often good compared to begging, and begging can be a very lonely profession.
\"On social media platforms, many have posted support messages to highlight the plight of homeless people during the\" generation \"new state storm.
The Salvation Army said demand for emergency accommodation increased sharply as bus shelters, awnings and doorways were flooded by heavy rain.
\"Many of our communities are in trouble.
Mitchell Evans, head of the Salvation Army street mission, told the ferfax media: \"even sleeping in a bus shelter doesn\'t help because the rain comes sideways . \".
\"The city center is very crowded, everywhere.
\"Many people had nowhere to go last night,\" he said . \"
The Health of St. Vincent, a Catholic No. for-
Health care-
The city\'s nursing group said on Twitter that 365 homeless people are suffering from a super storm of 100 kilometers --
From Illawarra to the Hunter area in New South Wales, strong gusts and heavy rains have been pounding in all directions.
Sydney City said on Twitter on Wednesday that Hyde Park, the home of some of the city\'s homeless people, has been closed and covers such as bus stops have not been adequately protected this week.
Yeomans MS said it is important to consider the causes of homelessness.
\"We all know what it feels like to be hungry.
We all know what cold feels like.
So if we give someone some direct support, it will be different.
But the broader question is, we have to ask ourselves: What are some of the problems that lead to homelessness for this person and for people like them? \"Mental illness and substance abuse are often factors that lead to homelessness.
The breakdown of families, unemployment and other financial difficulties can also lead to the loss of homes for some, Yeomans said. MS.
The lack of affordable housing is another reason why many people end up on the streets.
\"There is simply not enough housing at the moment, which is a sad fact.
We need to increase the supply of socially and economically applicable housing so that we can place people from crisis to long termterm housing.
In the long run, this is the best way to solve the problem of homelessness.
\"During the march, the federal government encouraged the states to better target those in need.
Scott Morrison, Minister of Social Services, said the additional two years of funding would give the Commonwealth time to work with states and regions to review where the responsibility for the services of the homeless is.
\"If we can intervene early, we can actually stop people from being homeless,\" Yeoman MS . \".
\"But to do that, we have to support people when they need it most.
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