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In an advertising group discussion last fall, the host decided to go to the group member Jean-after a 10-minute industry joke-
Luc Deco\'s neck: \"We are here to hope that you will get a big win, not a company that no one has ever heard; what happened?
Know the outdoor crowd can\'t breathe
Advertising giant Degao lost the most-
Contract for Street, bus, bench and residence (
New York City offers $1 billion)
Cemusa is a headache for newcomers.
The president of the French company in North America smiled before proposing \"commercial prices.
You don\'t buy it when the price is too high.
In a rare event, Jean-
Luc was weakened in the bid, which hurt people.
Dream of making up for the sluggish advertising market in France, with revenue of 33%, a surge in growth in the United StatesS.
Not realized.
Just a few months ago, the company had predicted the U. S.
As of June 2004, Asian revenue accounted for 15% of total revenue, and will grow to 30% in the next two to three years.
Although Exane France BNP Paribas analyst Philip Rofa said. S.
Growth is still available, and the bite of the Big Apple makes it hard. So $2 billion-in-
Billings JCDecaux has gone east and is counting on Asia to close the gap.
In the year ended December 2005, the company\'s revenue grew by 83%, consolidating the company\'s position as a leader in outdoor advertising in the region. It has beat U. S.
Competitors Viacom and Clear Channel to the exclusive 15-and 20-
Millions of years-
US dollar contracts between China and Japan. Jean-
Jean-Charles Deco
It\'s Luc\'s cousin.
Billionaire let
Claude Deco created the concept of \"street furniture\" in 1964.
He carefully designed bus shelters in Lyon, France, both for the public and for them to make money, giving them enough space to advertise.
Although originally only in France, Deco, with the help of his current colleagues, expanded the idea of a plexiglass display worldwide to airports, shopping malls, subways and billboards
Son of the chief executive
Charles and Jean, 36.
47-year-old Francois and nephew JeanLuc, 38.
After law school
He said that Francois chose Germany as a position in 1982, \"building the first real international business for Degao\" and let-
Charles traveled to Spain on 1991. Jean-
Luc focuses on the US market. K. and Australia.
It was early discovered that European business practices did not apply anywhere. Jean-
Luc recalled trying to sell advertising space for the two
Weekly increase in Australia, monthly advertising distribution is the norm.
\"I was laughed at,\" he said . \"
But they learn quickly. Jean-
Charles is looking for local partners in Asia.
Facing time is still a problem because he also retains responsibility for France to work in the Paris office.
There are thousands of outdoor advertisers in Asia, and it is common to compete with many competitors for contracts. Jean-
Charles joked: \"We would rather work with them than against them.
As the world\'s largest transportation advertising company, Degao has a good choice.
The cooperation brought exclusive coverage to Shanghai Hongqiao and Pudong International Airport.
Degao\'s local business unit and China\'s media department will receive half of the revenue.
Jean last spring
Charles works with Mitsubishi.
Bid 20-1
Exclusive bus of the Year-
Contract for shelter advertising in Nagoya and 15-
Annual contract with retail giant Ito
Yokosuka of Tokyo won two awards. Sometimes Jean-
Charles believes that the best cooperation is the acquisition. -
Last year, he bought media companies in China and Japan for 0. 17 billion euros.
This is also an important reason why Degao controls 95,000 advertising panels in 17 Chinese cities, including Hong Kong and Macao.
Working with global advertisers such as Unilever, Gap and Coca-Cola
Cola decaux transferred money outdoors, making a profit on media that grew 8% last year.
The outdoor advertising market is $1 in China.
Annual growth of 5 billion and 20%.
With the increase in consumer shopping and travel, the stepsister of print and radio advertising has become sexy.
But there are risks.
An anime-themed Nike advertising campaign in Singapore
American style imageS.
Basketball star LeBron James has caused complaints on advertising boards at 700 bus stations.
Graffiti-like ads have angered commuters who are used to neat shelters.
The ad is an extension of the same campaign that sparked outrage in China last year, with James fighting a cartoon kung fu master and Dragon. Jean-
Charles denied having had similar problems, even street toilets.
These have caused contempt in the United States. S.
Some have become a paradise for drug addicts, sex and homeless people.
But today, toilets in San Francisco and Los Angeles are the highest. -
80 users per day-in the world.
Also battlefield: busy digital billboards, the Thai government banned night use on the grounds of excessive electricity use.
JCDecaux will not sell them soon. Jean-
Charles was not sold for the need for ever-changing technology, maintenance, or capital expenditures, and was not convinced that the advertiser wanted 15-second shares.
What about next?
Maybe on the way back to acquisitionJean-
Francois is not shy about bidding for the Viacom Outdoor Hotel.
But Paul Meyer, the second executive at Clear Channel Outdoor, is skeptical: \"I don\'t see any signs of Viacom\'s interest in selling.
\"Let-Charles is gun-
Shy: \"Being the biggest is not the end of the game.
We will not place billboards everywhere at any price.
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