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The application and characteristics of outdoor billboards


In the daily life and production often see a lot of outdoor billboards, then how to maximize the benefits of billboard production and effect? As the saying goes, good things have to be advertised. Column billboards are produced and installed, but in real life, there are still some companies that are not very clear about the role of advertising, and believe that advertising costs are not as effective as they should be. Therefore, many of them choose to sell themselves everywhere, rather than spending money on billboards to promote. It can be seen that billboard production and installation advertising is one of the most direct, most economical and maximizing propaganda means in conveying economic information.

In the outdoor billboard production and installation, if an outdoor advertisement can not only attract people's attention but also let people stop to watch, then the billboard production and installation is a successful planning plan. We must know that modern people's life rhythm is getting faster and faster. It can be described as "flying fast". It is quite difficult to catch people's attention in a few seconds. Outdoor advertising production installation is actually a window that determines the effect in a few seconds, so it must be emphasized enough to attract passers-by and demanders to stop and enjoy.

YEROO-The application and characteristics of outdoor billboards

Outdoor billboard features:

1. Outdoor billboards mainly refer to the establishment of tall, eye-catching billboards on the roads, including highways, urban highways, and overpasses.

2, usually outdoor billboards have two sides, three sides, there are a few four-sided columns and multi-sided columns.

3. The size of the outdoor billboard surface is generally 3 to 1 ratio, such as the conventional width of 6 meters, the length of 18 meters and the height of 18 meters; the width of 7 meters, the length of 21 meters, the height of 21 meters; the width of 8 meters, the length of 24 meters, The height is 24 meters. There are also some that properly adjust the height of the column according to the height of the road surface.

4, outdoor billboards are generally made of steel frame angle iron, and now there are a few outdoor billboard grid structure. The shape is to install a rectangular or triangular plate on a column, and the plate is covered with galvanized iron or color steel plate.

5, outdoor billboards will be graphics or text on the board, so that many people see the advertising effect.

Outdoor billboards are large billboards. They need to find a professional factory to produce and ensure their safety. YEROO is a professional manufacturer of outdoor billboards. Customers who have this need are welcome to consult.

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