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The application place and function of outdoor advertising player


With the rapid development of global economics, the means and demand for transmitting information to advertising media are also rising, and the demand for multimedia information display has emerged. Advances in multimedia information display technology have led to the adoption of more and more display devices such as liquid crystal screens, plasmas, and rear projections. These devices are generally placed in a more prominent position to provide customers with an intuitive solution. Provide information to consumers. Where do you usually place an advertising player? In order to achieve the spread of information advertising.

YEROO-The application place and function of outdoor advertising player

1. Outdoor LCD advertising player is applied to commercial street

There are a lot of outdoor advertising media set up in the commercial street. We all know that the commercial street, as its name suggests, is the place where consumers usually spend their leisure time. Most of them come with a relaxed and consumption mentality. Therefore, this Advertising at the time is the most effective. Among the many advertising channels, outdoor LED display and outdoor LCD advertising player are the most eye-catching and visually stunning, while outdoor LEDs are suitable for long distances. Observe that the outdoor LCD advertising player is far and near, so when considering what kind of publicity channel to use, you should consider the advertising effect you want!

2. Outdoor advertising player is applied to the bus platform

The outdoor advertising player set on the bus platform is characterized by wide contact area and high coverage, and can select a route or region according to the target audience. At the same time, because waiting for the bus is a boring thing, your advertisement can add a color to it and increase the advertising effect!

3. Outdoor LCD advertising player applied to the airport

Set up outdoor advertising machines around the airport, generally aimed at the level and higher income audience, such as business and travel abroad, they love and pursue the ultimate thing, traditional light boxes, signboards, etc. can not enter their " The eyes of the law, and the outdoor LCD advertising machine because of its high-definition highlights, beautiful pictures, superb technology, interactive and loved, such high-tech products can often catch their eye, so that their ads reach advertising effect!

4. Outdoor advertising player is applied to the train station

The outdoor advertising player set in the railway station has been the main target object for tourists from all over the world. It is characterized by high traffic and covering nearby areas.

5. Outdoor advertising player is applied to the newspaper column

In the reading column to open up advertising positions, we call it a newspaper column advertisement. It has the same nature as the pedestrian advertisement, and can also be called "walking track advertisement", and the outdoor advertisement player can also be applied to the newspaper column, which is called "outdoor LCD electronic newspaper column". The outdoor electronic reading column can better promote the culture, advertisements, announcements, etc. to be promoted.

6. Outdoor advertising player is applied to the campus

Outdoor advertising players set up on campus are often not used for pure advertising. Sometimes they are more about the inheritance of campus culture and the display of high-tech campus. Of course, some shops or restaurants on campus also carry out promotional activities. Can be promoted by the user outside the advertising player!

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