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The basic elements of outdoor billboards


Outdoor billboards are a typical example of urban advertising, not only for the development of advertising media, but also an important part of the urban environment. Some basic outdoor advertising design knowledge must be understood by every outdoor advertising person, such as whether the richer the advertising content, the better, and the more fancy the fonts in the advertisement, the better. Understand these basic knowledge, you also have to face outdoor billboards A basic understanding.

The seven basic elements of outdoor billboards:

1. Concise and clear at a glance

2. There are no more than 10 or less texts in most effective advertising designs

a. Pay attention to the spacing between the text. If the line is too tight, it will be connected from a distance, making it difficult to see clearly.

b. Try to avoid using fonts that are too thick or too thin, because when you look at it from a distance, the fonts that are too thick will easily become blurred, and the fonts that are too thin may not be visible.

c. Try to use simple fonts, even pen or fonts with uneven thickness will affect reading.

d. If there are English words, try not to use all uppercase letters and arrange them in a mixed case, which is easier to understand from a distance.


3. Use simple fonts

Words that are too light or too thin will disappear at a distance of about 60 meters. Fonts that are too fat and spaced too closely will become unreadable. Fonts that are too fat or thin, or fonts that overlap on a complex background, should be avoided.

Distance understanding: Some studies say that the maximum visibility of text outdoors is 1000-1500 times. This must also consider the relationship between Chinese and foreign characters and air perspective. 2 In other words, if 1.5 eyes can clearly see a character that is 1 cm away from 5 meters away, then a character that is 2 meters away, one kilometer away, looks equivalent to 1 cm.

4. Simple and clear design and layout

Outdoor advertising design is to do subtractive work to remove factors that interfere with our vision.

5. Large illustrations

Outdoors, huge graphics always attract our attention.

6. Simple background, more prominent theme, easy to read

7. Use contrasting colors

a. The contrast between contrast color (purity) and color gradation (lightness) is large.

b. Complementary color (red and green complement, similar purity) and similar color gradation.

c. Same color, small color gradation contrast.

d. Complementary color, but the color gradation is far.

Outdoor billboards have the above-mentioned basic elements. With high exposure brand promotion, outdoor billboards are favored by advertising owners. Many outdoor billboards have been established in relatively empty places such as highways and squares. Yilong is a professional Of outdoor billboard manufacturers, welcome new and old customers to consult and understand!

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