The characteristics of shelters for shaoguan bright color

by:YEROO     2020-03-23
2019 shaoguan shelters is undoubtedly a very distinctive bus shelters, shelter is the highlight of a whole modelling design, such as the seat design Chicago residents of phonetic alphabet modelling, shelters around the line installation of lighting, night looks very beautiful, bright and eye-catching. A bus shelter is also a bus stop, so will be clearly labeled platform is the bus stop name, but make the name of the city into a hollow out like this style, and install in the bus station is the first meet. The specific what's the meaning? Looks more like a tourist city name card. People pursue personalized it is very common, a more attractive personality. City is the same, every city has different customs and cultural landscape, and form a complete set of architecture and landscape architecture, this series of elements can reflect the character of the city. Shaoguan shelters its personalized design, to create shaoguan bright color of the personality. YiLong case: shaoguan characteristic shelters YiLong case: shaoguan characteristic shelters
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