the complaints of a bus-shelter builder

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To the editor: I read your main editorial of August with some kind of interest and considerable annoyance.
Deal with the New York City bus shelter.
I\'m not a peace-keeping person, or-
My lawyer is very clear.
I didn\'t make a comment, but on this matter at the bus shelter, I didn\'t make any comment, maybe hoping things would be resolved and get a break.
In a sense, my judgment is correct: the federal grand jury investigation has been successfully concluded, and the New York City Commissioner of inquiry, after a long period of review, cannot show any violations.
Maybe you \'ve caught up with pious cramps, and you think it\'s appropriate to comment on it, and in doing so you accept some false arguments.
Let me list: the fact is that the original city contractor of the bus shelter was out of money and was unable to fulfill the contract promise.
They were brought to me and apparently wanted me to invest in their business.
When I realized how vulnerable they were, I refused to invest.
As you suggested, I did not threaten to \"break the business\" unless I was determined to compete with them.
If you want to abandon yourself in nostalgia, why don\'t you want to have a good time bidding?
After all, this is what I want to accomplish: The original contract with the city is single --
It gives the city no competitive interest.
All I want is an opportunity to make a more meaningful suggestion.
I believe this is the way the US is, and I have not bribed anyone to achieve this.
You see, my proposal is obviously good for the city.
So it\'s clear that even government officials can see that I was awarded a contract, not because of any particular temptation or favor, as you suggested, but because my contract is the most meaningful for the city.
I don\'t bribe anyone.
I did not attend any activities.
I\'m certainly not using intermediaries to represent me as you think in the editorial.
All in all, I am completely tired of this matter.
The real loser in all this is the people of New York City, because I have the ability to produce good bus shelters for them at a cost that is better than any other competitive bidding, and the result of all this is, I don\'t want to do business with New York City at all.
So, think about what you achieved when you were waiting for the bus in the rain. SAUL P.
On August, Steinberg, chairman and president of Xinshi Group Corporation, New York.
6, the letter of version 191a was printed on page A00014 of the National edition on August 10, 1981, with the title: a complaint from a busHousing builders.
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