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The composition and function of bus stops


With the development of economy and society, the bus shelter is a basic construction of public infrastructure. The basic functions are becoming more and more perfect. The exterior design is more and more ornamental. The beautiful and creative bus shelter can be used as a landmark in some regional cities. What are the important parts of the bus station kiosk? Here we are introduced to you by our China shelter manufacturer.

1. the column is commonly known as the load-bearing column

The column is a waiting pavilion's main load-bearing, supporting the ceiling link light box. The number of a waiting pavilion column depends on the specific length and length of the shelter, the number of light boxes, and the design style to confirm the number of columns.

2. the ceiling

The simple point of the ceiling is to stop the supply of wind and rain for passengers. Some manufacturers will also lighten the ceiling. There are many materials available for the ceiling, such as stainless steel plates, galvanized plates, endurance plates, and glass plates. Benefits This also depends on the specific procurement plan. Generally, manufacturers of shelters are designing according to customer requirements.


3. Advertising light box

On the one hand, it is to illuminate, so that the passengers can clearly see the content on the sign in the shelter, on the other hand, it is to provide a platform for some enterprises and brands to promote. Can be made of profiles, stainless steel, galvanized materials.

4. Information Stop Sign

Provide passengers with information about the site and the overall route site passing through the site.

5. Trash can / seat

General shelter supporting facilities, garbage bins for the passengers waiting for the garbage to keep the overall cleanliness of the shelter. The seats provide rest, and solve the fatigue of long stations while waiting for the train to maintain a happy mood.

Of course, these are the basic components of the bus stop, but also an important component, there are many other additional components, such as guardrails, solar power, intelligent voice reporting system, LED light display, wireless network, It is not an indispensable part to choose to add or not to use according to various needs.

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