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The convenience of smart bus shelter construction for life


With the advent of the intelligent era, the bus shelter, which is one of the basic public transportation facilities in cities and towns, has entered an era of intelligence. The smart bus shelter have been upgraded, significantly improving the efficiency of the people.

Today's intelligent bus shelters are gradually achieving more humanized auxiliary functions while ensuring the realization of basic functions. At the same time, the supporting facilities of the bus shelter can be improved, and the GPS satellite positioning system can be realized and applied to the intelligent bus shelter. Through the mobile phone, you can get real-time information on the bus driving status, location, arrival time and other information. In the future, you will realize seamless communication of various aspects to better improve the living standards of the citizens.

YEROO-The convenience of smart bus shelter construction for life

The optimization of the bus route, the most important thing is to reflect the development of a city's public transport business. However, for the current bus travel, it is also a way that many people rely on very much. If the bus route is optimized, everyone will not be at all for the bus route. Understand, then there will be some faults in the connection between the sites. Everyone does not know which site to wait for, so in this case, it may affect the experience value of the trip, then through the design of the bus shelter , you can make the route very clear.

Of course, the smart bus shelter must be equipped with a public transportation system, which can accurately understand the site where the bus is to arrive. In the bus shelter, you can learn the basic situation of the bus route through the stop sign, including the route. Forecasts, location forecasts, and time forecasts. Furthermore, the bus shelters produced by smart bus stop cards can also publish a variety of public information, such as weather forecasts, government policy announcements, news media, road conditions, and financial news.

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