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The cooling mode of the outdoor advertising player is explained


Outdoor advertising players are often used in some open-air venues. In order to counter the influence of environmental factors, each outdoor advertising machine will have a cooling mode. YEROO mainly explains the cooling mode of outdoor advertising players.

1. Outdoor advertising player water cooling mode

The current technology of outdoor advertising water cooling mode is not perfect enough, it is not recommended.

2. Outdoor advertising player heat exchange cooling mode

Outdoor advertising hot swap cooling mode has the advantages of low power consumption (close to air cooling) and high protection level (IP65). The disadvantages are: high cost of production (higher than air conditioning) and low heat dissipation.

YEROO-The cooling mode of the outdoor advertising player is explained

3. Outdoor advertising player air conditioning cooling mode

Outdoor advertising air conditioning cooling mode is the second widely used heat dissipation method, which has the advantages of large heat dissipation, high protection level (IP65), wide application range, stable performance and long service life. The disadvantages are: high power consumption, high cost, and high operating costs.

4. Outdoor advertising player air cooling mode

The air-cooling mode of outdoor advertising players is one of the most widely used cooling modes. Air cooling is a cooling mode developed by a speed control fan combined with a professional cooling solution. The advantages are low power consumption and low cost, which helps to reduce the cost of later operations. The disadvantage is that the protection level is relatively low, only IP55 protection level can be achieved. After use, it is necessary to clean the filter screen regularly and check the running status of the speed control fan.

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