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The development prospects of smart bus shelters and the matching advertising effects


Bus shelters are generally matched with bus stop signs. In order to facilitate the passengers waiting to be shaded and protected from rain, transportation facilities shall be set up in the bus station of the station, on both sides of the road or in the green belt harbor style. With the development of urban public transportation, bus shelters have become an indispensable part of the city and a beautiful landscape.

1. Connect the main roads of the city. The city bus shelter is connected to the main road of urban traffic. The traffic flow is like tide, the traffic flow is like weaving, the coverage is wide, and the audience is large. No matter the season changes, no matter rain, snow, wind, frost, no matter day or night, information is always being transmitted.

2. Super close publicity. The city bus shelter is very close to the public. The effect is intuitive and vivid, the picture is exquisitely made, the publicity is vivid, the scene is eye-catching during the day, the lights are brilliant at night, and the visual impact is strong.

3. Repeated indoctrination, chain guidance, and merchants' pursuit. Different sections, chain propaganda and repeated instillation and guidance have left a deep impression on the content of advertisements. It is a propaganda platform sought after by the majority of businesses.

4. Convenient installation, fast information transmission, simple installation, quick release, fast information, low investment cost and high efficiency.


5. Flexible advertising. During the advertising period, you can flexibly adjust the road section, close to the sales and service terminals, and determine the purchase intention of consumers.

6. beautify the city, beautify the eyes, beautify the environment, decorate the city, increase the visibility of the company, have a public welfare, consumers are willing to accept, and spread more friendly.

7. more pictures, reduce costs and increase profits. The bus shelter will have multiple light box photos of different sizes. It can promote multiple companies at the same time, reduce costs, increase profits, and let us have more loyal cooperative enterprises

8. Matching function, multiple choices, rich platforms, multiple methods. In the production process, you can increase the number of promotional pictures to 6-8 by adding a scrolling system; increase the LED system to attract more customers; increase voice, intelligent publicity and other supporting functions to create a rich platform.

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