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The development status of outdoor billboards


With the rapid development of economic construction, the accompanying advertising industry is also booming. In the design and production of outdoor billboards, the requirements for its shape, scale and efficiency are also constantly improved. Under the premise of satisfying the advertising effect, the security of its structure and foundation is especially important.

YEROO-The development status of outdoor billboards

At present, the design level, structure and basic type of the large outdoor billboards in China, the production level and the project cost are very different, either the cost is too high, the design is too conservative, or the design is difficult to meet the requirements of safe use. The reasons for this are mainly the following four aspects:

1. The outdoor billboard structure is a newly-rising high-rise structure with wind load as the main air load. Although some developed areas have formulated local design and construction regulations, there is still no national standard regulation as the basis for design and construction.

2. The cost of outdoor billboards for single projects is relatively low (generally less than 300,000 yuan). For larger steel structure and construction engineering design and construction units, the single project is small in scale, low in cost, and generally not designed. In the past 15 years, the degree of attention has not been enough. However, due to its large number, the engineering cost is very important for advertising companies. Therefore, the design and production of outdoor billboards is difficult to achieve advanced technology, economical, safe and applicable. Quality requirements.

3. Although the outdoor billboards have low cost, the knowledge involved in the design is wide, especially the calculation of the basic anti-overturning design is very complicated. In addition, the ever-changing geological conditions make the current design of most single-column billboards difficult to meet. Regulations require that in engineering practice, there are a large number of outdoor billboards that are overwhelmed by the unsafe design of the basic design.

4. The lack of full understanding of the characteristics of outdoor billboard structure, a considerable number of customers and advertising companies believe that the structural weight of single-column billboards is the control load of single-column billboard design. Under normal circumstances, this understanding is not consistent. Actual. Wind load is the control load for the design and production of outdoor billboards. The determination and reasonable calculation of wind load is also one of the key factors in the design of column billboards.

Outdoor billboards are cost-effective advertising equipment, and the traffic is relatively large. The advertising efficiency is really good. With the development of the times, the advertising surface will be updated accordingly. LED screens will be used to order outdoor billboards. Welcome to consult. YEROO.


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