the diary: cairns rolls up sleeves to provide for family

by:YEROO     2019-10-17
The 44-year-old former cricket star, Chris Cairns, has more and more legal bills and is working for his family. . . any work.
He was driving a council truck.
His best friend, Dion Nash, told Diary that he was blasting bus shelters around Auckland for $17 an hour.
\"He really worked hard to support his family as much as he could.
He was not unhappy, he showed courage and did the hard work by cleaning the bus shelter.
All I can do is support him, but as a friend it\'s hard to see his name dragged through the mud without any conclusions.
\"He is a champion and he will be stronger,\" Nash said . \".
Manual labor is far from Dubai\'s glitz and charm, Dubai\'s former high
In 2010, flying Black Cap, working as a diamond trader, used his skills to buy 3 diamonds.
He proposed to his third wife, Mel crosser, the carat rock.
Mom this week-of-
The two told a female magazine that her husband had to accept a cleaning contract because \"he had no choice but to support his family. . .
We have bills to pay like everyone else.
We don\'t have a house, we pay rent like everyone else, it\'s a struggle to live \".
Cairns and his 34-year-
The old wife works full-time in project management and lives in Hearn Bay, Auckland\'s most expensive suburb, with neighbors including Carl upben, David curliff and best friend Nash. The father-of-
The four firmly denied all allegations of cheating and waited patiently for the resolution of the official investigation.
On Friday night, at the British hot spot where news reader Wendy pitry appeared, the diary observed Cairns at the bar.
Apparently, after hearing the ridicule and ridicule of other customers, he withdrew gracefully.
His best friend said he knew he only had to look into it before his name was clarified.
\"I believe he feels like an abandoned person and people don\'t make it easy for him,\" Nash said . \".
\"But will he go to a place where no one knows him?
Before he can prove his innocence, he just needs to immerse himself in it and work hard.
\"Breakfast show gag order Mark Staufer told Diary yesterday that he was afraid to say why his breakfast radio show was abandoned five weeks after it was broadcast for fear of violating the exit.
The Kennedy and Stover breakfast show was suddenly canceled last Friday, and MediaWorks, the parent company, quietly issued a memorial notice on Sunday morning.
A spokeswoman told the Diary frankly that it was a good leadership decision.
\"We did a lot of tracking, but we didn\'t feel the show was suitable for the sound brand.
We make decisions now, not later.
We will move both Mark stouver and Mark Kennedy overseas.
Staufer made headlines this month for blasphemy. littered on-
He expressed his sadness on Twitter.
\"Thank you for your support, friends.
Really, this is the most terrible thing for me.
\"The permanent replacement for the couple hasn\'t been found yet, but a radio insider said it was very unusual to throw the show away five weeks after the helm, suggesting no
The \"quick failure\" method of executive nonsense.
The reason for the celebration many happy people returned to the news autocutie Wendy picri, who celebrated her 42 th birthday in Queenstown this week, where I was told, \"Veuve cli
Cheering for Stephen Tinder, he encouraged New Zealanders to be patriotic and adopt the \"Dot Kiwi\" Internet domain name designed specifically for New Zealanders and New Zealand businesses.
\"This is an important event in New Zealand\'s Internet development and an important event for about a million New Zealanders around the world,\" he said in an email to key influencers yesterday.
He is a quick adapter with stephen @ tindall. kiwi.
Congrats New Zealand stuntman and Quentin Tarantino muses Zoe Bell, who yesterday was behind for hate eight
A civil war film directed by Tarantino.
It was a tough job for former Shawty St. actor Jacob tomouri, who played the stunt for the English wanderer Tom Hardy in London Hackney this week,• New Zealand-
New York-born actor and director Stephen Kay, 51, married 37-year-old Hollywood actress Piper Perabo on the weekend in New York.
The two worked together on the popular TV show secret affairs.
Nine years ago, Kay filmed Boogeyman in New Zealand. Want to watch a movie with Fido? Now you can.
The first time Aucklander was able to take their dog to play a game --night-
In August 21, a dog was performed in the basement.
Shavaughn Ruakere and Gareth Williams will be playing with money from the evening of their trip to SPCA.
The show starts on August 19 for two weeks. 30.
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