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The difference between floor-mounted LCD advertising player and wall-mounted advertising player


With the rapid development of LCD advertising players, streets and alleys have been installed and used in the past few years. Although, as users become more and more mature, it not only displays simple pictures, audio and video, but ordinary advertising machines include floor advertising machines, wall-mounted advertising machines and horizontal advertising players. In these advertising machines, people can see landing advertising players in many places. Whether in a shopping mall, or in an event venue, airport, etc. Many friends are struggling when they choose to log in to the ad player.

Whether it is floor installation or wall installation, the price depends on the performance configuration and size. If the prices are the same, is it better to buy a floor-mounted advertising player or a wall-mounted advertising player? There is no conclusion. The situation of LCD advertising players is diverse. It is based on a wall-mounted advertising player or a floor-mounted advertising player, with different situations in different places. The following small editors will explain their differences:


1. The placement of the floor advertising player is more casual and attractive. The products are suitable for industries such as banking, finance, hotels, chain stores, etc., display commercial information, and interpret brand culture.

2. The invention can be hung on a wall or other objects to become a unique landscape line for space decoration, which can more easily attract customers' attention and achieve the purpose of publicity. At present, wall-mounted smart advertising machines are mainly used to promote "window wizards", which can be hung in shopping malls, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, high-end office buildings and other places. The invention can comprehensively enhance the brand image of the merchant, can quickly push the promotion information and new product information, and pay more attention to consumers.

Therefore, the main functions of the wall-mounted or floor-mounted advertising player are the same. They mainly choose according to their own venues and needs. In terms of price, floor-mounted advertising players are more expensive to play than wall-mounted advertising players. The installation of these two advertising players is simpler than teaching, and you can choose a stand-alone and network advertising player.

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