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The future direction of outdoor advertising players


The outdoor advertising player is a liquid crystal commercial display device that can display information for outdoor display. It has intelligent product attributes, high-definition product performance and protection against fear of cold and fearless winds, so it won the majority of merchants. Love with advertising agencies. It is widely used in commercial areas, office rooms and other areas, and is of great significance for the dissemination of business information and product information.

Outdoor advertising players are the product of technological development. With the continuous advancement of intelligent technology, the functions of outdoor advertising players are gradually enriched and improved, and gradually developed into comprehensive functional devices with intelligent interaction. So, when the outdoor advertising player realizes such diverse functions, what kind of trend will it develop in the future?

1, more high-definition and more environmentally friendly

As an outdoor equipment, the outdoor advertising player has all-weather protection for the external environment, the protection performance has reached the IP65 standard, and the air temperature can be guaranteed by the air conditioner, thus ensuring the normal working state of the electronic device. In the future, this kind of anti-household value will be higher and higher, and it can even cope with the threat of soaking in the situation of the city, and always maintain stability. On the screen, high-definition highlighting has been implemented, and it can be automatically adjusted, which can guarantee a good visual experience for people during the day and night. In the future, there will still be a lot of room for improvement on the screen display. With the continuous development of display devices, display screens with clearer resolution, more vivid colors and stronger materials will be more applied to outdoor advertising machines. At the same time, due to the further upgrade and optimization of the adjustment system, the screen energy consumption will also be reduced, which is more conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection.

YEROO-The future direction of outdoor advertising players

2. The development of artificial intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence directly promotes the upgrade of outdoor advertising players, and the interactive function is the embodiment of the intelligence of outdoor advertising machines in the current period. The use of the smart chip enables the interaction between the advertising player and the user, and can accurately answer the questions that the user clicks. And has multimedia playback, weather status display, commercial information broadcast and so on. Not only that, in terms of the control side, the outdoor advertising player can record and collect data, grasp the information that the customer is most interested in when operating the advertising player, accurately and quickly understand the customer's needs, and record the data in the background to complete the data. market survey. In the future, the intelligent interactive and collection capabilities of outdoor advertising players will continue to be upgraded, incorporating the new generation of artificial intelligence technologies that are currently being developed, deepening the attributes of artificial intelligence, achieving direct voice answers or displays to questioners, and increasing the interest of voice interaction. Let the outdoor advertising player become an intelligent business information display device that can chat with people.

In a word, the future development trend of outdoor advertising players is to improve the protection performance, make the display more clear, optimize the adjustment performance, make the equipment more energy-efficient, and gradually optimize the more advanced artificial intelligence technology to make the equipment More intelligent, let business information better spread and develop. To contribute to the improvement of smart city construction, urban business development and information dissemination.

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