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by:YEROO     2019-10-12
Harper, Binghan, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Moon
Celebrity parents have some interesting ideas when naming future generations.
But have these \"crazy\" names become normal? ---
Apparently the birth went well.
Look forward to it anyway.
Then he became the perfect little boy to play actress Kate Hudson and her rock singer boyfriend Matthew Bellamy.
The birth of their little muse was immediately announced. But his name.
Important name.
It will take a few days for this to be released.
Finally, on July 14, it was revealed through Twitter: Bellamy, Bingham Hawn (Bing for short).
Since then, Hudson has had to reduce speculation that she was sponsored by the emerging Internet search engine to her son Bing (
She asserted that Binham was a surname).
Bing was born hours before the newest members of the David and Victoria Beckham families. As any self-
Respected celebrity watchers know that Posh and Becks call their long term
Waiting for her daughter Harper VII, apparently the wizards at Disney Channel\'s Waverley Square boys Cruz, Romeo and Brooklyn chose the number with her father at Manchester United and England.
Strange celebrity baby names are not known to the rest of us.
Celebrities are used to it.
Frank Zapa put the bar high with the Moon Unit when he came back.
Since then, we have shaken the collective mind to John mature daughter melencamp\'s choice of the boy\'s name, the Spak Mustang;
And thought about the reasons behind actress Shannyn Sossamon picking Audio Science for her son.
We would like to know how power balladeer Bryan Adams named his \"Good Friday\" special \"Mirabella rabbit.
At least Alanis Morissette has avoided unconventional seasonal references with Christmas birth last year.
But you can\'t help but ask how many people change their names when these celebrity kids are growing freely with the son of beach actress Barbara Hershey, he changed his name to the sons of Tom, Woody Allen and Mia row.
It all shows that parents really object when it comes to naming their offspring.
As Sigmund Freud once said: \"A person\'s name is a major component of his individual, perhaps part of his soul \".
We can only think about the soul of Audio Science.
PR guru Cathy Gray is known in Adelaide for choosing a baby name.
Now Name 9-year-
Old daughter McKenzie, the next baby name is also left in the center: Harper, 8, Quincy, 3, and Dempsey, 7 months old, are the next daughters to arrive.
McKenzie\'s name comes from a TV show Gray liked to watch 10 years ago.
\"I like the name because it is a very powerful name,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s very strong. . .
This name represents my personality.
\"For Harper, Gray searched around and finally found the name in many of the baby name books she searched.
\"It\'s very beautiful, but it\'s also powerful and independent.
\"When Quincy comes up, the pressure is to come up with another unusual name.
Gray really doesn\'t remember how she came up with this lovely name, but she admits the name is close to her heart: \"When I was young, my nanna used to make queensjelly jam, I love it so my nan has a little bit of her name.
Dempsey is from the layout of a magazine.
\"I have read any type of magazine and took out the context of the word to see if it fits the baby\'s name,\" Gray explains . \", And added that even the street signs were not read in the pursuit of the perfect baby name.
What she really wants is the names that give her girls a strong identity that they can accept;
Just because there are not many such people around.
There are many responses to names.
When she announced that Harper was the name of the newborn, her pediatrician said loudly: \"Poor things,\" but in general, the names are respected and accepted.
\"When I first called Mackenzie, everyone thought it was very unusual, and so was Harper,\" Gray said . \".
\"In fact, everyone usually makes a comment on the girl\'s name.
After I had Harper, everyone was expecting me to have an unusual name, so they weren\'t too surprised by Quincy.
Adelaide engineer Bronwin Kent has a similar reaction to the name she chose for her second daughterHadley.
\"Most of the time, people react: \'Oh, Dudley, it\'s a different name, \'she said. \'.
\"If people don\'t know I have a girl, they ask if it\'s male or female.
\"This is not a bad thing.
According to \"master baby name\" Linda rosenclantz and Pamela Redmond sardland (
They wrote 10 of the best together.
Selling books and managing the website name berry that gets 4 million page views per month)
Female name of a male
In the study, it was found that it sounded less anxious, less nervous, and gave them more leadership potential.
\"Having an unusual name over time can become less heavy and more like a sign of difference, \"What is the name of your baby in Jennifer and Jason, Madison and Montana?
\"All names have an image,\" rosenclantz and Sutherland wrote in Transcendence . \".
\"This is indisputable.
We think some names sound stronger and more serious than others, some are attractive and smarter, and some are not.
\"But, depending on the name you choose, how important and influential the image is, and how much you really make your child considered smart or energetic, for the rest of his or her life, \"Over the years, from Ancient Times to the present, sexy or unreliable, there are people who believe that they will convince you that the name is everything, the image of the name is everything --
It is important to determine the future of the child.
\"The two pointed out a lot of research on names that demonstrated the premise that names would affect life and then refuted that premise.
A study seems to prove the connection between a well and a well
I like the name and academic success because the teacher scored higher on the composition of the children whose names are very popular, but later different people proved this.
Another study found that some people think the name is either good (David, Joshua)or bad (
Reginald Oswald)
But once they meet this person, any judgment based on the name will be deleted immediately.
Regardless of the study, Gray does think the name of her child is very important.
\"Every time I have a girl, I really want strong, independent women, and I want them to be their names,\" she explains . \".
\"I joked that they were the names of good presidents, but I just wanted to see the image from the name, which is my vision for the name.
\"The proposed acoustics is the study of names, and one of the main experts in this field is Professor Edwin Lawson, who works at State University of New York.
He said it is crucial for parents to call their children, especially as they grow up.
\"A name may mean that a child will be laughed at by his peers,\" he said, especially names that are considered outdated or sound different or have obvious meaning (think Chastity).
Celebrities will spare no effort to give unusual names to their children, he said, purely for attention.
Of course, such celebrity endorsements will become quite common.
Miranda Cole chose Flynn for his son (
It\'s also Elle Macpherson\'s choice)
The name has been pushed back into the spotlight, while Elula, the former Home And Away star Isla Fisher\'s choice for her second daughter, is expected to be a hit this year.
As far as Gray is concerned, Victoria Beckham named her only daughter, Harper, a bit of a breakdown.
\"My first thought was sh * t and we will have Harpers coming out from the left, right and middle,\" she said with a smile . \".
\"Then I wonder if it\'s too late to rename my Harper.
\"Remember my words, it will be modern-
Day Sharon of the 1970 s
I was a little disappointed because when my daughter was born there were not many prostitutes around and there will be them now.
\"The name of a particular celebrity can also bring a name into the popular baby name field.
Rosenclantz and satlan predict Pippa will be the hottest baby name in 2011 (
Thanks to Pippa Middleton and her derriere)
Will also Mira (
Thanks to the beautiful young Hollywood star Mila Kunis).
No matter what the name is, no matter what its origin is, no matter what it means, no matter what the public reaction is, there is a person who must agree with the husband/partner.
Kent explained the process of deciding her name: \"I advised Hadley early in pregnancy, I think I was only three months pregnant, and his first reaction was no, but we can\'t agree on a girl\'s name.
\"Then, when I was six months pregnant, I again suggested to Hadley, who said, \'Actually, it sounds really good \'.
\"The more we talk about it, the more he likes it.
We thought it appropriate for us to choose Elizabeth\'s middle name.
\"It is important that the husband agrees with the name, otherwise the whole thing may end in court as it happened in Melbourne last month.
The Australian Family Court was forced to step in and chose the name of two. year-
Because she has not registered for birth yet, just because her parents can\'t agree with her name, her mother calls her a name, and her father calls her another name (
The court is on the mother\'s side).
Kent and Gray did not take into account the views of others when naming their children: but they used their last name and the names of other siblings as determinants.
Gray especially wants to \"dazzle\" this \"plain\" last name \".
Another name for Kent is violet, but she doesn\'t like the sound next to the first name --
Her name is Charlotte.
Dudley, on the other hand, from the seventh to the twelfth century, like Charlotte, had the feeling of an old Englishman.
Kent\'s surname also played a role.
\"My middle name is Kate and I would love to pass that name on to my child, but my married name is now Kent and it sounds strange to Bronwin Kate Kent: it is impossible for me to pass Kate Kent to my child.
It all sounds good to have to be together.
\"Unfortunately, not all parents have considered these things;
So much so that across the \"ditch\" in New Zealand, the New Zealand birth, death and marriage registrar has banned 89 names and refused to allow any child
Thinking about punctuation. (This is a full stop)or * (that\'s Asterix).
They also rejected the likes of the bishop, the Baron, the general, and the gentleman, because they were too close to the title, and also banned single letters C, D, I, and T, these are all proposed as names.
For some reason, three groups of New Zealand parents applied to name their children Lucifer;
Another name was called back. This is a new problem.
On 2008, the agency made headlines by allowing twin and violent names Benson and Hedge and bus shelter 16 (
Names of two boys).
There was a New Zealand girl named Talula whose parents danced Hula From Hawaii and her name was so traumatic that she changed when she was nine.
It\'s not true for Juliet\'s \"The name we call Rose smells sweet.
If the rose is called Herman, it will be seen very differently.
Though, maybe if the plant is really Herman then the name will be like
Today is after Rose.
Try to be a parentto-
In this name game.
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