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The golden rule of large outdoor billboard design


At present, outdoor media advertising has become an important part of the modern urban environment construction layout and urban landscape. Generally, outdoor advertising is read for only a few seconds, so it is very important to remember the advertising content in a few seconds. Based on years of experience, YEROO Advertising introduces the four golden rules of outdoor billboard design:

1, the screen should use the least amount of text

The audience of outdoor advertising is generally a mobile audience. The time for the audience to read information is extremely short. Any excessive information will destroy the communication effect of outdoor advertising. Most effective outdoor advertisements have no more than 10 characters in the design. To make the audience remember.

2, the picture must be large

People generally watch outdoor advertising from a distance, so the illustrations of the advertisement must be large and have a clear outline so that the audience can understand the meaning of the advertisement.

YEROO-The golden rule of large outdoor billboard design

3, eye-catching, clearly show products and brands

The object of outdoor advertising is dynamic pedestrians. In the open squares and on the sidewalks of the roads, the general viewing distance is 10 meters. According to the golden rule of composition, the advertising pictures are generally rectangular or square, depending on the specific environment. Outdoor advertising is coordinated with the background to create a visual aesthetic.

4, the screen content should be simple

When designing outdoor advertising, you should pay attention to the spacing between the texts. If the spacing between the characters is too small, the text will be connected from a distance, it is not suitable to identify, try to avoid using too thin or too thick fonts, when looking at a distance Fine fonts may not be clear, and overly thick fonts tend to become blurred and lumpy. Try to use simple fonts, and even pen or uneven fonts will affect reading.

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