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The history of the development of smart bus shelters


The smart bus shelter is a combination of computer, network communication, GPS, automatic control and many other technologies. It not only has the traditional waiting function, but also provides other intelligent service bus shelters. The smart bus shelter has now reached the third generation. Below the bus booth manufacturers talk about the development history of smart bus shelters.

The first generation of smart bus shelters can only provide bus operation information such as speed, station distance, estimated arrival time and so on. This feature is relatively simple to implement, so most of the smart shelters are now the first generation. How to achieve it?

The bus will transmit the location information obtained by the satellite positioning system such as the car GPS or Beidou to the bus information management center server through the wireless network in real time, and the bus information management center system can calculate the running speed of the bus according to the location information of the bus, to Station distance and arrival time. In this way, the intelligent bus shelter can receive and display the bus operation information through the API interface provided by the bus information management system.

YEROO-The history of the development of smart bus shelters

Most of these bus shelters are designed with energy saving and environmental protection. The top of the bus shelter is equipped with multiple solar panels. Provides power for shelter equipment and night lighting. The bus shelter also connects the excess power of the municipal grid into the municipal grid, and the grid will supply power to the bus shelter once it rains.

In addition to the full functionality of the first generation of products, the second generation of intelligent shelters has added human-computer interaction. Passengers can check the practical and convenient living information through the touch screen display terminal in the pavilion. If you don't know the local traffic situation, or don't know where you are going, you can find the results in the intelligent help desk's inquiry desk. The inquiring platform can display the current bus stop to the destination, and can provide multiple rides according to traffic conditions. It also displays landmarks such as sights and shops along the way. If you want to know one of these attractions, just check it and you can find out more.

At present, the latest generation of intelligent bus shelters has added a staggering e-commerce function. Guangzhou has launched this super intelligent bus shelter, which can not only query general life information, but also sell food and beverage 24 hours a day, support bank transfer, mobile phone recharge, game recharge, purchase of air tickets, etc., and it is very powerful. A total of 108 foods were placed in the vending machine, and there were many drinks, as well as small snacks such as biscuits, candy, and ham. All foods are not more than 10 yuan, accepting coins and banknotes of 10 yuan, 5 yuan, 1 yuan.

This kind of humanized smart bus shelter will inevitably be loved by people. In the future, cities in China that implement smart public transport will become more and more, and people's travel will be more convenient!

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