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The impact of outdoor billboards on the urban environment


The environment of outdoor billboards has been greatly improved. Outdoor advertisements are distributed in a large area in various places. For the continuous development of the advertising industry and economy, advertising is not the choice. Outdoor advertising has attracted widespread public attention and strengthened the sense of urban media. The following is the impact of outdoor advertising on urban culture:

1、Outdoor advertising in commercial areas

The commercial area is the most concentrated area of outdoor advertisements. The main purpose of setting up such advertisements is to fully reflect the economic prosperity and display the strong atmosphere of modern business culture. Technically, the number of outdoor advertisements should be controlled, and the advertising production standards should be regulated; facade signs should be of uniform scale, building facades are strictly prohibited from blocking advertisements, and the decorative effects of advertisements should be used to block and modify the places that hinder the landscape; the roof should not be damaged Under the premise of architectural artistic features and urban space overlook effects, advertisements should be arranged appropriately; flyovers and other nodes with roundabouts are classified according to the size, color, and content of the advertisements, set in the most reasonable place, and unified with the surrounding environment on the scale.

2、Outdoor advertising landscape in cultural district

Each city has its own unique cultural characteristics. Scientific research and technological development institutions, colleges and universities, literary and artistic groups, museums, and historical places are the main body of the cultural system. Outdoor advertising should absorb nutrition from the long-standing traditional culture and the splendid modern culture. With the help of cultural adaptation, cultural integration, cultural packaging, cultural advocacy and other strategies, the layout and design of the enhancement of the humanistic atmosphere make the urban outdoor advertising landscape and culture organic mix together. Set up public service advertisements with cultural taste, advocate advanced cultural direction, and fully demonstrate the quiet, elegant, clean and civilized style of the cultural area.


3、Outdoor advertising landscape in leisure and entertainment areas

In central squares, cultural palaces, parks, gardens, scenic spots, sports centers and other cities nationwide outdoor advertising public leisure and entertainment areas, should be combined with citizens’ leisure activities, and set up weather forecast displays, air pollution status displays, guide facilities, newspaper reading boards and other public welfare Sexual advertising and other information exchange facilities.

In the ecological area of the city, use the basic theory of landscape experience to set up a wide green zone, combined with urban sculptures, bridges and other urban landscapes, and set an appropriate amount to highlight the "water city", "green city", and "modern new city", with high technology as the main form Public service advertisements and very few commercial advertisements highlight the cultural, public welfare, educational, and artistic qualities of advertisements, and live in harmony and complement each other with natural and cultural landscapes, making outdoor advertisements in ecological areas into urban landscapes with regional characteristics.

4、Outdoor advertising landscape in the urban window portal area

The urban window gateway area mainly refers to the railway station, bus terminal, airport and surrounding areas, urban roads, waterways, railways, aviation and other external traffic entrances and exits, and the communication corridors between major towns in the city. In order to improve the quality of the city, such outdoor advertising settings must proceed from the overall requirements of the city and formulate strict specifications and requirements.

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