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The main points of outdoor LCD advertising player design and its precautions


For enterprises, the main features of outdoor LCD advertising players are controllable advertising costs, accurate coverage, convenient mobile management, clear and transparent background data, and a cost-effective means of publicity. Due to its great commercial value, it is also the first choice for advertisers.

The publicity effect of outdoor advertising is often directly related to the product itself, which puts higher demands on the design. The following is a brief overview of the design features of the advertising player and its considerations.

YEROO-The main points of outdoor LCD advertising player design and its precautions

1. Outdoor advertising player protection design

The outdoor advertising player is installed outdoors, often windproof and rainproof, the windshield is dustproof, and the working environment is bad. The combination of the outdoor advertising machine and the building must be strictly waterproof and leakproof; once the outdoor waterproof advertising player is drained, it must have good drainage measures. .

At the same time, outdoor advertising players may also suffer from strong electromagnetic attacks caused by lightning. Therefore, the advertising player has a high degree of explosion-proof sun protection, and lightning protection devices are installed on the liquid crystal advertising player and the building.

2. Outdoor advertising player heat dissipation design

Vertical outdoor advertising players must generate a certain amount of heat when working. If the ambient temperature is too high and the heat is not good, the integrated circuit may not work properly or even burn out, resulting in the outdoor advertising system not working properly.

When working, the vertical advertising player must be equipped with ventilation to cool it so that the internal temperature of the screen is between -10 ° C and 40 ° C.

YEROO-The main points of outdoor LCD advertising player design and its precautions-1

3. Anti-reflection design of advertising player

The advertising player has a wide audience, broad line of sight requirements, and broad field of vision requirements; in order to ensure long-distance visibility under strong ambient light, the ambient light changes greatly, especially in direct sunlight, high brightness must be used. LED.

At the same time, the design of wall-mounted advertising players is also very important. Good product design always attracts people's attention. The wall-mounted advertising player can make great efforts in product design, and innovate in product shape, material, color, man-machine, etc., highlighting the differences of products, novel, simple, generous, beautiful and attractive. Note that this has a great effect on improving the promotion of outdoor advertising agencies.

The visual effects of the advertising player are related to the viewing angle, line of sight, style, lighting and spacing of the advertisement. Outdoor LCD advertising machines should be designed to pursue higher definition and more beautiful visual enjoyment. The visual effect usually determines the first impression of the person, and the first impression can accurately reflect the person's evaluation of the advertising product to determine whether it is purchased.

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