The manufacturing site YiLong traffic show us toll booths

by:YEROO     2020-03-19
Very happy work for YiLong traffic service, this is a professional production of high-speed toll booths, domestic, able to mass production of the domestic general all kinds of toll booths, including stainless steel toll booths and caigang toll booths. YiLong traffic has 12 years of experience in high-speed toll booths making, with many clients. Toll booths from the process of production, including shear, bending, frame welding production, dark apply lines installed, install WaiFeng plate and the photosensitive plate, TingMen installation, ceiling installation, glass installation, charging mesa, paste the exposed film, etc. Ensure the quality of each process technology is necessary. Quality is YiLong tollbooths survival. Beautiful YiLong traffic toll booths products good-looking, firm structure, corrosion resistance of embroidery is not leaking, quality and technology fully comply with the relevant industry standards. Using the best material # 304 stainless steel plate, thickness of JTT422 - 2000 shall prevail, or according to customer specified. Below for factory workshop production site, the editor was taken on October 22, 2015 YiLong traffic factory:
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