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by:YEROO     2019-09-22
In the ecosystem in which all media planners navigate, evaluate, and invest, one argument can be made, not as complex as outdoors. Out-of-
Home advertising is filled with unique collections of complexity, complexity and consideration.
All you have to do is drive along Las Vegas Avenue or through Times Square to learn about the saturation, overlap and pros and cons of individual placements.
From bus shelters to shopping centers, from billboards to subway vehicle displays and stop signs, there are a wide range of outdoor activities.
Is the outdoor landscape a programmatic place that can help media planners manage more effectively?
To be sure.
Geopath, No. for-
Previously known as the media measurement Traffic Audit Bureau\'s profit organization, has existed since 1933.
Currently, it sets the audience for buyers and planners of all outdoor inventory.
I recently asked Geopath president Kym Frank some questions about its outdoor activities.
Paul Talbot: How does Geopath get anonymous location data for mobile devices and cars?
Kym Frank: in addition to data from connected cars, we also work with various location analytics providers to process this data.
But the core of our measurement solution is to take advantage of mobile devices.
It\'s all aggregated and anonymized by our partners at AirSage and then modeled to represent the population flow across the United StatesS.
Our partner at Street
This data is provided to Geopath, which we match with our audit outdoor inventory proprietary database to translate population movements into audience impressions.
Talbot: Can you provide a few \"states-of-the-
Use the art audience insights and market research data \"?
Frank: Yes, units other than measuring families across the United States. S.
, Our suite of Insights provides population from Claritas (
At the top of the impression, which layer is for the audience of the information)
, Gfk mri, US Census, Scarborough, United States of AmericaS.
Government data, as well as visibility of eye tracking research, and speed data obtained from connected cars through the network here.
The Insights Suite currently has approximately 8,000 unique audience profiles, adding additional market segments on a regular basis.
Talbot: If inventory identified as \"best fit\" cannot be integrated with pricing data, how do media planners know that inventory is actually best suited, given the likelihood that pricing efficiency is extremely low?
We have a partnership with SQAD to provide the average market price.
In addition, buyers can integrate their proprietary pricing data directly into the platform.
In terms of identifying the impression of the target audience group, the list is considered \"most appropriate \".
Geopath\'s Insight Suite enables advertisers to determine how to reach a fine audience through outdoor inventory that is best suited to deliver these impressions.
Talbot: in markets like Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York, outdoor inventory tends to be richer and more distinctive than other markets, and how can the complexity of these environments be managed more effectively?
Frank: The difference is usually the size of the unit, if it is exposed to pedestrian traffic, vehicle traffic, or both, if it is digital or static, if it\'s on a site or on the side of the road.
All formats measured by Geopath use the same core location dataset.
Our model is very sensitive and can take into account how fast people drive and how fast they walk.
They also considered the size of the unit, the distance that can be seen, the angle of oncoming traffic-pedestrians or vehicles, what is the average stay time before advertising.
The value of our currency is that it is in a consistent format regardless of the size of the market or the nuances of inventory.
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