the photographs that document tortured dreams of a generation of innocents

by:YEROO     2019-11-01
This photo was taken by Magnus Winman.
17-year-old Karim sleeps in omonnoah square in Athens, Greece.
Picture: Super win Wennman/REX Shutterstock/coolalscopesource: there is not such a quiet sleep, but a series of hearts
The rendered photos of Swedish photographer Magnus Wennman show that for Syrian children, this is not far from the truth.
In his photographic article \"Where Children Sleep\", Winman captured the pain suffered by thousands of young people who were physically and mentally hurt by the National Civil War.
Even for those who fled the conflict zone to an unknown future outside Syria, Winman found that there was no peace for a generation of innocent people --
Like all the kids.
In the absence of care in the world, they are hidden in their beds.
Ahmed, 7, is not even a free zone to sleep;
The horror was replayed at that time.
When the bomb struck his home in Idlib, Syria, Ahmed was at home.
The shrapnel hit him in the head, but he survived.
Not his brother.
As their nearest neighbor, the family has lived in the war for several years, but there is no home and they have no choice.
They were forced to flee.
Now, Ahmed, along with thousands of other refugees, lies on asphalt on the highway leading to the closed border with Hungary.
It\'s 16 days of their flight.
Ahmed\'s father explained that the family slept in bus shelters, roads and forests.
Ahmed, 7, sleeps in a backpack in Horgos, Hungary.
Picture: Super win Wennman/REX Shutterstock/shopalscopesource: years Walaa, month, currently in Dar Es SalamEl-Ias, Lebanon.
She wants to go home.
She told us that she had her own room in Aleppo.
There she never cried before going to bed.
In the camp, she cried every night.
She said it was terrible to lean her head on the pillow because at night
Time is terrible.
That was when the attack happened.
One day, Vara\'s mother often built a small house with a pillow and taught her nothing.
Walaa, 5, fell asleep with tears in his eyes.
Picture: Super win Wennman/Aftonbladet/jalalscopesource: the action to be taken by Sila, the year of jalalscopeshiraz, was three months old and she developed a severe fever.
Currently, the doctor took refuge in Suruc, Turkey, diagnosed polio, and advised her parents not to spend too much money on medicine for girls who did not have a chance.
Then the war came.
When she described how she wrapped the girl in a blanket and brought her from Kobani to Turkey, her mother Leila began to cry.
Shiraz, who could not speak, received a wooden cradle in the camp. She lies there. Day and night.
Shiraz, 9, suffers from polio and is inconvenienced.
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