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The role of bus shelters in the foundation of urban construction


On the one hand, the bus shelters should provide a place for passengers to rest; on the other hand, they can also create unique urban “furniture” according to the setting environment. For example, the city bus shelter can be equipped with electronic display, rolling light box, WIFI hotspot, Solar power generation equipment, intelligent systems, etc., can highlight the city level, and can also expand the advertising range of businesses. In underdeveloped cities, we can also choose other simple styles, the same quality, is also for the people.

YEROO-The role of bus shelters in the foundation of urban construction

With the vigorous development of infrastructure in various cities, the speed of construction and replacement of bus shelters is also accelerating year by year. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, how to find qualified bus shelter manufacturers to order?

 1. Because the bus shelter is an outdoor product, the paint on the surface of the steel plate is the most important thing to pay attention to, and the method of painting in the process of producing the bus shelter is as follows: heavy oil, rust, oxide skin workpiece pre-degreasing → water Cleaning → Degreasing and derusting “two in one” → water cleaning → neutralization → surface adjustment → phosphating → water cleaning → drying (or directly into the electrophoresis tank). For heavily oiled workpieces, first pre-degreasing should be carried out to remove most of the grease to ensure a completely clean metal surface after the next two-in-one degreasing and derusting treatment.

 2, galvanized on the metal surface, this can eliminate the rust of the raw material surface of the conventional shelter, if the raw materials used are very easy to rust, that is, using the best paint spray will easily rust, this is also our One of the characteristics of the production of bus shelter products, there are many places in the automotive industry where galvanized sheets are needed. The cars are often maintained, and the shelters that are often used for wind and rain also need maintenance.

The bus shelter for the city's infrastructure can enhance the appearance of a city, facilitate the outing of the grassroots people, and provide a better shelter environment. YEROO is a professional manufacturer of bus shelters. It is from the main development and the function of the bus shelter. More and more, more humane. At the same time, YEROO has provided many classic cases for customers at home and abroad. It has been favored by many customers. Customers who have customized product needs are welcome to inquire.

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