The seven great use of control box

by:YEROO     2020-03-20
Box in a narrow sense of understanding sentry work pavilion, broad covering scope is bigger. Sentry means the control box of a purpose, in fact box USES not only that, in the broadest sense of the use of different box YiLong traffic small sum up as follows: a box includes stand like the kind of play a role of sentry box, the guard control box, etc. , the main highlight the sentry purposes, for the supervision and emergency handling of personnel entering and leaving. 2 for the security management of public security sentry box, security control box is the main purpose of public security management, this kind of control box be subject to the jurisdiction of the rural community of the sheriff's office. Public security sentry box is usually fixed point set, or for the security hidden danger area. Public security sentry box can effectively deter criminals, maintain social public order management. Three selling use selling use box mainly at kiosks, kiosks and selling pavilion, etc. Such kiosks in some area is also called the press box, selling the control box, its modelling color gorgeous, beautiful atmosphere, mainly for the commercial operation, usually set in commercial square, pedestrian street or other places have a certain capacity. Four sanitation such control box is mainly used in municipal workers rest, rest as sanitation working point location and sanitation tool, so called sanitation lounge or sanitation pavilion. Modelling is simple and practical, but not so gorgeous like selling pavilion was designed. Five charge of independence management toll booths is dedicated to management of a kind of control box, including the highway toll booths, parking toll booths, etc. Highway toll booths usually have regular size, have been well optimized design. Six special smoking dedicated box called smoking control box, also called smoking pavilion. The rise of smoking control box, means that people realize that smoking harmful to health, which one of the measures. Smoking control box have special air purification measures to deal with harmful substances such as nicotine in tobacco, so to minimize the dangers of secondhand smoke. Smoking control box usually set up factories in the company, hr and administrative units, public places such as bus station waiting room. Seven equipment management such control box which is tentatively called the pavilion, the pavilion is mainly put some electric and electronic communication instruments and other high-end equipment. It is the instrument of the workshop. Staff do not need long time management inside the box, so the overall design is closed.
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